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Bee Movie Game


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Also on:Wii, DS, PS2
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Very Good

Bee Movie Loved IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by XziiDe (MISSOURI CITY, TX) Jan 12, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

Usually i dont play these type of games but i decided to try it out. And i loved it the story line is wonderful and closely related to the movie the mini games you can do are very entertaing and i think this is a good game for all ages.

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Good game idea really Poor Programing

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) May 30, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since Mar 2004

Well another example of a Good Game Idea Ruined by Programers that Have No Brains and are really Lucky they are still Working because if I was their Boss they would never program another game in thier lives.
Why do Programers think they have some clue as to what Makes a Good game? Answer because they are Stupid Ignorant Moronic Brain Dead People There is a very great Lack of Intelligence in the Programing Industry .
This Is a dont Buy and Only rent if you want to see how Ignorant Programers have Become.
You can only play the main game if you do the stupid Idiotic Mini Games well excuse me Idiots that Programed the game I got news for you after you get through the easy parts of most of them your stuck because you cant beat the Mini games so you cant move the game forward if you ask me the Idiots that thought that was a good idea should be gotten rid of Permanently
this Junk gets a 1 and thats more then it deserves because the Programers got their hands on it and ruined it

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Cute but Disappointing

posted by Cuddles (HAMLIN, NY) Apr 22, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

This game is cute. The graphics look good. The character development is pretty ok too.

With that being said.... the controls are TERRIBLE. Just to jump into a car takes at least 4-6 button presses when it should only take one.

The camera is a real pain to deal with sometimes.

Some levels and goals are very easy. Others are annoying. Not really difficult, but very very annoying to accomplish.

Not really a good child's game. Some parts will be ok for them, but others will be too difficult.

If you are a gamer score addict ( xbox 360 people will understand )... this game does have some easy and fast points. Other achievements are quite frustrating and time consuming. The achievements also do tend to glitch out many times. The game is well noted for that. It also can have a tenancy to corrupt game saves. So if you have a backup memory card, store a copy of your game save before you play each time or when you make a substantial headway into the game.

The game was definitely rushed out. If it had a bit more time, the game would be much more enjoyable. Rent only if you are a fan of the movie.

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