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Beautiful Katamari


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Gameplay Controls

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Beautiful Katamari
Directional Pad
Select Photo (Angel Camera)
A Button
Take Photo (Angel Camera)
Y Button
Enlarge (Angel Camera)
Left Bumper
Prince Look (Look at Surroundings from Prince's Point of View)
Right Bumper
Royal Look (Look Around Katamari)
Left Trigger
Zoom Out (Katamari Look). Normal Eye (Prince Look). Lock On (Vs Battle Mode).
Right Trigger
Zoom In (Katamari Look). Miracle Eye (Prince Look).
Start Button
Pause Menu
Roll Forward
Turn Left
Turn Right
Roll Backward
Roll Left
Roll Right
Push opposite to direction of rolling.
Shift Left
Shift Right
Quick Shift Left
Quick Shift Right
Roll Up and Over
Push both left and right sticks in the direction of the wall or obstacle to climb over.
Dash Forward Quickly
Alternate pressing up and down quickly.
180 Degree Turn