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Beautiful Katamari


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

1,000 Cookies

Obtain 1,000 Cookies.

10 Cousins

Find 10 Cousins.

10 Presents

Collect 10 Presents.

100 Cookies

Obtain 100 Cookies.

100 Hours Playtime

Played for 100 hours.

20 Cousins

Find 20 Cousins.

Responsible Roller

Hint: Roll through the course without bumping into any objects.

Small Katamari

Make a katamari that's 1m or more!

Sorta Big Katamari

Make a katamari that's 5m or more!

Speedy Roller

Hint: Zip through the course with Dash.

Online Roller

Play online.

Quick Turner

Hint: Use Quick Turn to your advantage.

Request x 3

Complete 3 Requests.

Request x 6

Complete 6 Requests.

Request x 9

Complete 9 Requests.

Resident Online Roller

Play online 50 times.

Katamari Fan

Completed Requests 100 times in Normal Mode

Katamari Lover

Complete 200 requests

Katamari Perfectionist

Clear all stages, and then do each (of the possible ones) on time attack.

Manic Roller

Hint: Running into walls will destroy your katamari.

Mini Katamari

Make a katamari that's 30cm or more!

Non-stop Roller

Hint: Roll through the course without stopping once.

Collection 40%

Roll up 40% of the Collection.

Collection 60%

Roll up 60% of the Collection.

Collection 80%

Roll up 80% of the Collection.

Colossal Katamari

Make a katamari that's 10,000km or more!

Frequent Online Roller

Play online 10 times.

Jumbo Katamari

Make a katamari that's 500m or more!

All Presents

Download stages and collect all Presents.

All Requests

Complete all Requests.

Astronomic Katamari

Download stages and make a katamari over 1,500,000km.

Big Katamari

Make a katamari that's 30m or more!

Collection 100%

Rolled Up 100% of the Collection.

Collection 20%

Roll up 20% of the Collection.

20 Presents

Collect 20 Presents.

30 Cousins

Find 30 Cousins.

30 Presents

Collect 30 Presents.

40 Cousins

Find 40 Cousins.

50 Hours Playtime

Played for 50 hours.

All Cousins

Download stages and find all Cousins.