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Great game

posted by gamester5 (COLUMBIA, SC) Apr 5, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

The combat in this game is sick a bit sexual but it was fun

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Entertaining at best, frustrating at worst

posted by hdeanderson74 (WAUKON, IA) Mar 10, 2013

Member since May 2012

Bayonetta sounded to me like an enjoyable game, it really did, so I rented it. It was fun at the start. Then it just got extremely difficult for no reason at all. Dying is literally murder on your chapter scores and they throw in random cutscene based qtes that can result in an insta-death. Now I understand why dying in combat could negate your score but random insta-deaths? No, you should not effing do that, ever! It's cheap and frustrating and it completely alienates the player from getting any sort of fair score by the end. I wanted to like this title but by chapter five I was too frustrated and decided to send the game back.
Do yourselves a favor gamers, don't buy (don't even rent) this garbage.

-cute, albeit lazy, story
-Sub par graphics (impressive for such an early title though)
-nice music, kind of...
-unfair rating system ( unacceptable for a hack-n-slash game!)
-terrible voice acting
-god awful script (almost laughably predictable)
-awful, awful, awful bossfights. Completely riddled with qtes
-cheap excuse for a currency system
-cheap healing system (practically broken even)

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Bayonetta is Stylish & Outstanding!

posted by cloakXdagger (OMAHA, NE) Feb 27, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Things I enjoyed about this game..
+ the environments are sights to behold, for sure. some great imagination there
+ fearsome line of enemies & bosses, the Angelic hierarchy are some of the most unique I've seen in games
+ earning power-ups by blowing away tiny angels in Angel Attack between levels is fun, practicing combat during loading times is a somewhat decent relief with how often those times happen..
+ THE LITTLE the store keeper's funny one-liners, the added variety of throwaway weapons spicing up combat, using animal morphs (bat swarm, panther, big crow) was sweet
Things I didn't like..
- "SUBJECT TO EXCESSIVE LOADING TIMES" should be stamped on the box as a disclaimer. sure, you can opt to install the game to the hard drive.. and twiddle your thumbs for 45 min to an hour
- a few chapters, around IX to XI or so, were pretty levels yet with watered down bosses popping back up and the plot all but pausing to allow this journey to heaven & back it felt kind of filler-ish.
- having to use the guns is underwhelming compared to the health you'll shave off enemies with the katana or any of the usable enemy weapons.
- Relatively short game, cleared under 10 hours on Normal. cutscenes pop up every minute so not all of that is stick time, either..
Bottom line : None of it's flaws really stole any of it's shine for me. I loved this game. Likely will buy it. Gave a 10 because the rating on here is an injustice. LOL. Bayonetta is a fun, wild ride that is at very least worth a rental. Kinda reminded me of how I felt with Gungrave (PS2), "man its over already"..moments later START > NEW GAME.

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