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A bewitching, fun, fast paced action game

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Jan 8, 2010

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Bayonetta is an Umbran Witch who has spent the last 500 years at the bottom of a lake. Now freed, she's also a bit of an amnesiac as she tries to unravel her past. That's the core of the story behind the latest actioner from Sega and "Devil May Cry" creator Hideki Kamiya.
"Bayonetta" is fast paced and over the top, and you're thrown into the fray immediately after the opening cinematic. There's a vast combo system here, but instead of being overwhelming, it's actually quite easy to get into. Even button mashing will have players pulling off ridiculous moves in combat, and you can practice those moves during the load times. That, while nice, is also one of the game's flaws- the load times are long enough to give you time to practice. And there are plenty of load times, which can take you out of the experience. While bad enough to keep the game from getting a higher score, they're not enough to keep you from having fun. And have fun you will, as this game is frequently funny and deliriously over the top. Bosses are huge, and require some thought on how to defeat them. Controls are generally responsive, though they can slip on occassion. The camera is not always the best, and sadly there is some slow down in the frame rate during intense action sequences which can hamper gameplay and lead to some cheap deaths. Despite the problems, this game is well worth the rent, and may be a buy for some as it has a lot of replay value, as there are tons of unlockables, as well as the incentive to score higher in each chapter. There are 16 chapters, including the prologue, and they provide about 10-12 hours of fast paced gameplay for one run through. "Bayonetta" is definitely worth your time, despite its faults, and gives us a new action game heroine that can hold her own right next to Dante or Kratos. Let yourself fall under her spell- you'll have a blast.

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