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Very Good

Still Very Good

posted by kjones555 (STONE MOUNTAIN, GA) Jan 18, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

This game is pure bliss! It handles beautifully, the control system is very intuitive, and the game is gorgeous! But the PS3 version does have its flaws like screen tearing and the worst one, loading. All games are required to load at some point, but the PS3 version loads at every chance it gets. Start the game up...loading. Pick up an item from the ground in the game...loading. Hit the freakin start button...loading. And it wouldn't be so bad if the load times were like a second, but out of ten tries, it took the game 7 seconds to finish loading after I hit the pause button. Platinum Games really dropped the ball with the PS3 version, but even though all the loading can be a little irritating, that doesn't take away from the sheer fun of this game. Tons of collectables for those that like to find everything in a game, some of the cutscenes are funny if you like the type of humor that makes fun of itself, and the action is amazing! Even with the horrible load times, I'm on my second playthrough and currently debating whether I want to go ahead and buy this game or not because I'm having such fun with it. It is definitely a little rough to play, but if you are a patient person and the PS3 version is the only copy you can get your hands on, it's definitely worth it...but if you have an X360, pick up that version...NOW!

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Great, almost excellent. Must have for dmc fans.

posted by StrangerJ (ROCKVILLE, IN) Jan 16, 2010

Member since Jan 2009

For those of you who do not know the games main designer and director, Hideki Kamiya, you should check him out.

google him or look for him on wikipedia.

He was the director of Okami, Devil May cry, and Resident Evil 2.

I am waiting to play okami simply because he directed it and everything he does is usually awesome. Anyway enough about him.

Hands down, Bayonetta tops the rest in fast action eye popping hack n slash play. I was expecting just another great hack n slash when I seen previews. It is a favorite of mine, but not at the top. Devil may cry 1 & 3 and God of War still rank at the top, but Bayonetta had a lot of unique style and imagery. It is much like Devil May cry 4, the enemies you face being angelic and have names such as "fortitudo" and what not. Let me tell you, it can be frustrating starting out with the controls on normal if you are not used to it. Getting tired of getting your arss kicked in ninja gaiden sigma?? or dmc3?? here's a strarting game for you. It teaches you all the combos in an easy style that after awhile you don't want to play on easy automatic because it doesn't do exactly what you want to push.

VERY Addicting gameplay
Multiple weapons/Weapon styles/weapon combinations/weapon combos, almost too many
A stylish, sexy gameplay that pushes the envelope of the ordinary action genre.

-They are right on the load times for ps3. I have both systems, and they are better on 360, but I mostly play ps3 for trophies. They can be a drag, but honestly bearable.
-It may have balls out style and action, but not much substance with storyline.
-This is not a game you can pick up and play and kick some arss, unless you are on easy automatic or very easy. you have to work and improve playstyle along the way and redo stages to get points for upgrades, trophies and treasures.

All in all, you can't deny a game like this if you like hacknslach dmc gow etc.

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Play more than the first chapter...

posted by RunNGun (EL DORADO HILLS, CA) Jan 16, 2010

Member since Apr 2007

Bayonetta is going to get dismal reviews due to the game's convoluted beginning. However, the main character is having major memory issues and this ties into the story. As you play it, things become just have to stick it out. That said, the plot isn't terribly deep nor are the characters truly remarkable. Humor and action is used very well though, and I enjoyed playing up until the end.

The controls are fairly intuitive and your moves, including combos, can get as complicated as you want them to be. You can purchase different weapons, moves, and items at many points. The game play is pretty quickly paced with decent cut-scenes throughout. A negative would be the constant load times - these occurred often (even when you access your option menu). I beat the game in a little under 8 hours, but have read that many spend 40 - 50 hours getting all of the goodies and whatnot.

Bottom line for me is that this was a very fun game to rent, but one I wouldn't want to own.

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