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GF Rating

Very Good

Alot better than you think

posted by Bigguy182 (MATTESON, IL) Jan 30, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

This game is amazing visually and the controls are fluid. (I just got done manhandling the God of War collection... if the controls was not as good or as solid i would recognize it.) The story line is lacking greatly in my opinion but oh well. You play as a witch who has been trapped under a lake you chase and kill angels... blah blah same ole hack slash storyline. The is some refreshing humor but its not great. Okay on to what everyone is complaining about ... the load times first of all the just recently added a patch that reduces this greatly on the ps3 ... IF you install it... but besides that i personally enjoy practicing my combos while waiting yes it gets to the point where you like come on man but still.. its better than a game like dragon age...(WHICH I LOVE) where you have to go seven places and watch a red circle for each one of them... So i think that it is a hindrance but nothing you cant get over. Other than that the action is great ... Trophies are tough to get but nothing you going to spend years getting.. A very fun game and a must rent for sure... Oh and did i mention she not bad to look at If you can stand playing tomb raider with its glicthy controls just for lora croft ... Than you will love this game...

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GF Rating

Very Good

Almost an Awesome game

posted by Maydizzle (DIBERVILLE, MS) Jan 27, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

This game would be awesome if it wasn't for 2 major things:
1. The story line of the story is pretty good its kinda cliche but pretty interesting. But the cutscenes are WAAAAAY too long. Sometimes when i was playing and i finished a level the next scene would be soo long that my wife would walk in and think i was watching a cartoon tv show.

2. Graphics are good in the cinematics scenes but the gameplay graphics aren't exactly up to par with the playstation 3. They kinda look like ps2 at some times.

Since those are the only 2 big things that i found i took off 2 ratings points thats why i give this game an 8. Its actually a really good game but i wouldn't spend money on buying it cuz you'll just get bored with it after a couple days, by the way i beat the game in only like a little over 7 hours for those wanting to know the play time

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GF Rating


Holy Shetta Bayonetta

posted by zombieorc (GRASS VALLEY, CA) Jan 27, 2010

Member since Mar 2008

In Bayonetta, you play as a witch that has been stricken with amnesia and gets tangled up in a bazaar plot to unravel her forgotten past.
Huge boss battles abound as well as several well constructed mini puzzles. Each boss has a special way to defeat them which usually consists of destroying a series of weak spots in a specific order before performing an easily executed finishing move. The mini puzzles are pretty easy to solve and usually consist of some sort of time based mechanic.
The controls are tight and responsive, however the camera can be unwieldy at times and looking around the environment can be really frustrating. Also, there are so many combos in this game you can literally mash a bunch of buttons in any order and pull off a series of combos. Avoiding an attack just before the moment of impact will trigger a few seconds of slow motion in which bayo can still move a regular speed giving her an advantage over the enemies.
There are also a lot of quick time events that pop up at odd times. The use of the quick time events seems really inconsistent. Sometimes three fourths of the way through a cut scene you get a surprise quick time event. And if you miss the button press it usually results in instant death.
Overall, Bayonetta is a fun game if you don’t really care about the nonsensical story or the cheesy Japanese pop music that plays while your dealing out death.

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