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GF Rating

Very Good

Amazing but not addictive.

posted by djcomputro (SAN ANGELO, TX) Jan 21, 2010

Member since Jun 2004

23 out of 31 gamers (74%) found this review helpful

This game will have you saying Wow in the first few minutes of starting. The characters, the environments, and the action are all pure art. Everything about this game is just beautiful. Bayonetta herself is a graceful thing of beauty with the perfect amount of sass. Watching her in action is the best part of the whole game. It's more like she is dancing rather than fighting as she smoothly goes from one action to the next with every press of a button.

The story is unusual and keeps you interested in finding what is actually going on. Some cutscenes are shown as film-framed stills which kind of confused me at first. I was wondering why their mouths weren't moving while they talked until I understood what was going on. There are several difficulty settings so you can play the game any way you like, whether going for the pure challenge or just enjoying the visuals. The fighting is perfectly placed so you don't get overwhelmed or bored. I was expecting to not be able to put the controller down and to have an all-nighter, but this was not the case. I was slightly disappointed to realize that I didn't want to just keep on playing. I ended up playing in spurts here and there and, despite being blown away by the ending, I didn't really feel compelled to play again to find all the hidden witch coffins or to experience a harder difficulty or to collect other trophies. It was a very interesting game, just not interesting enough to suck me in all the way.

One specific problem with the game were the load times. Everything required an unusually long loading time as if you were playing a PSP game. Even if you picked up a new item, you would have to wait for a load before it showed you what you picked up. This didn't hurt the game too much but it just made you feel like something wasn't working right. I hope to play the game on the 360 to see how it is there and to see if a rumble-pad makes it better.

I think everyone should experience Bayonetta at least once.

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GF Rating


Very Good, but not Great

posted by Krazed (CALDWELL, ID) Jan 17, 2010

Member since Dec 2005

26 out of 39 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

So, I know every japanese game lover is gonna hate me for this(I know I do), but this game is not great. Visually, it is a very stunning game, the areas, some cutscenes, and the fight scenes are just beautiful. The story has a lot going for it with the forces of light and dark in a battle spanning mellinia, with nobody being good or bad, just a balance between the two. But, the story gets kinda spotty at times and your not too sure how certain things come into play or why they're even relevant to what you're doing. The cutscenes are great, when they're real cutscenes, but they use still renderings of the characters at times and have them talking but nobody is moving. Finally, the thing that really hurt this game for me was the massive amount of loading, I've played lots of amazing games that didn't waste this much time with all the loading. It was just irritating with the amount of loading you had to endure; die: load for 1 minute, next level: 1 minute, shop: 1 minute, pick up item: 30 seconds, pause: 15 seconds, inventory: 10-20 seconds depending on what you're doing. And my favorite load time of all: when you decide to save the game, it takes about 1 minute of loading once you bring up the menu before you can save the game, which takes another couple minutes to save.

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GF Rating


An amazing, beautiful game.

posted by Bloodsucka (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jan 12, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

19 out of 29 gamers (66%) found this review helpful

Bayonetta is a wonderful game for the Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. A must buy classic for both systems. Hopefully this gem is the first out of a series.

Most people prefer the xbox 360 version for its faster loading times and its better frame rate, but honestly out of putting 30 hours into Bayonetta, I do not mind the longer loading times, and I don't notice any frame rate issues. I prefer the PS3 version simply because of the controller, and the feel the PS3 gives when I play.

You play as Bayonetta, a witch that slays angels. The action on this game is probably more intense then the action in any other game I played. The graphics are incredible and the art work is extremely unique and very well done. The environment and atmosphere to the game is always amazing.

The main character is very different from any game I played. She has a weird shaped body, wears strange clothes, has butterfly wings when she double jumps, can transform into animals, can slow down time, she moves very...err sexual, and she is very cocky.. But it just adds on to what makes this game so great and unique.

The story is kind of corny and might not make very much sense, but it is still interesting and fun to watch. I found myself watching each cut-scene throughout the whole game. Some cut-scenes more then once.

Basically in almost every level, there's either a horde of enemies or a boss fight every 30 seconds. But it is fun and very challenging (challenging if your playing on normal mode or higher) When certain enemies die you can pick up their weapons and use them for a short period of time.

A lot of people compare this game to Devil May Cry, and there are a few people from devil may cry that worked on this game, but this game gives me more of a Sega feel the whole time. The music sounds like a Sega game, the artwork feels Segaish, You collect halos that will remind you of rings in Sonic, there's a character named Eggman, the intense speed will remind you of sonic. Etc. Beautiful game.

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