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One of the best action games I've played in years!

posted by Phinix (LA MIRADA, CA) Jan 25, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Bayonetta is one of the best games I've played in years. Among the action/adventure genre, it's my number 1 pick,...ever!

Understand from the start; This game is WAY over the top!
You'll get a feel for the pace of the game as soon as your see the Prologue cinematic and watch Bayonetta's clothes get ripped off to be replaced by her hair as she pummels countless angels. It's the most shameless scene I can ever recall seeing in a video game. From that point on, you'll learn to Love Bayonetta and he sexy demeanor.

The gameplay is incredibly enjoyable. While you can beat the entire game in under 3 hours if you skip cinematics and rush through levels, the replayability has enticed me to play for over 55 hours now!... (My first run through actually took me about 14 hours, because I kept going back to get better scores and to find secret items I had missed).

Combat is perfectly done.
You may feel overwhelmed at first, but after a few levels you'll be conducting a symphony of blows with extremely gratifying results. This game pulled me in with an undeniable yearning to master it. I find myself constantly trying new moves, combinations, and tactics to improve my fighting style and am rewarded by a more and more finessed style of play. There are so many fine aspects to improve upon as you're playing that I'm beginning to think this game will never get old.

Graphics are beatiful.
As you'll read on most gaming sites, this game is best played on the Xbox 360. The only problem you'll notice is a bit of screen tearing while exploring. This doesn't occur during combat and doesn't interrupt the flow of the game. But it is there.

One of my few gripes is the soundtrack. While it's very well matched, it also gets repetitive. Playing your own music and turning off music in the game can be less than fruitful, as there is a lot of background noise even with the music disabled.

While the game has a couple of negative points, it does not prevent me from giving this game a 10!!

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posted by nitro211 (DALLAS, OR) Jan 24, 2010

Member since Sep 2006

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

This game is jaw dropping amazing, the graphics, the gameplay, the cutscenes are just all around amazing. This is what Devil May Cry should have been all along, Devil May Cry is a good series don't get me wrong but this game just blows that series away.

The story mode is awesome, long story mode, it will take you awhile if you play on Normal starting out. Awesome and creative boss fights, and the voice actors were great.

One thing I didn't like about this game is that everything is way to expensive, you need a lot of money to buy things, but other then that I never noticed anything wrong with the game, once you beat it there is a lot more to do in the game. If your reading this, just know, rent this game first off on here, or if you can't wait BUY IT! you will not be disappointed if you like these type of games.

Also, I've noticed a lot of people get abut 2 missions in the game and they don't know whats going on so they quit and send it back <--- Don't be like them, actually play the game all the way through, it all makes sense, some people can't handle stuff like that I guess. Anyways amazing game, I recommend buying it, but if your not for sure rent it and it's for sure worth the wait!!!!!!

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turns out, its awesome

posted by headhunter (WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, VT) Feb 9, 2010

Member since Sep 2009

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I wanted to hate this game.
I didnt like Devil may cry or onimusa.
but somewhere along the way, while playing bayonetta, the unexpected happened.
The game became so freakin awesome!
Rent it, even if sceptical. give it past the boring opening tutorial stages, and it gets so over the top that it is just fun to be along for the crazy ride.
Truly a game to impress the sceptics

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