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Great Game

posted by Kchido (MC ARTHUR, OH) May 14, 2009

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Whether your into aerial combat or bombardment with the most well known sea born artillery platforms of WW2, your in for a treat. The game lets you play either as the American or Japanese in an RTS campaign that you can control from either the map or the hotseat of any weapon on the battlefield. I have played many RTS games but until this game most of my free time was playing turn based or shooters. When I played the demo on XBox live I was simply impressed and had to get my hands on a copy, which I don't regret because there is almost endless replay value with the campaign and skirmish mode.

Graphics are beautiful, controls are simple and the battles are won by a mix of strategy with skill. If your in the market for an RTS style game dont pass this one up.

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An overall fun game.

posted by SmilingCat (Palmdale, CA) Jul 3, 2009

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This game turned out to be fairly fun. The campaign is fun to play through, although I doubt I would play through again. I would like to try to play with a team of friends online where I think this game would really shine.

Game creates a dynamic large mild simulation military battles with the option to jump into any vehicle or position and fight yourself. You can often do much better by controlling a unit yourself than letting the AI handle things making for a decent trade off in that you lose control of the over all battle.

On any campaign mission in which your giving a large task force and island capture missions strategy often seems to break down. Either because controlling formations and moving with the AI in control often leads to slow clusters of ships slowing and stupidly grinding away at the enemy. Other times individual units like PT boats or smaller ships would perform sub par when given a simple task. Micro-managing becomes the norm to get the AI to do what your want.

I often found I could do much better by having most of my units back out of the battle and defend themselves while I devastated the enemy using a much smaller force under my direct control. You lose the engrossing large battles in what turns into an almost one man show instead of a coordinated large offensive with multiple intermixed confrontations.

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Very deep

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) May 19, 2009

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Battlestations Midway was a big hit. So of course they have to come back with an amazing sequel. And they did just that. If you havnt played the first one let me say that its not just flying around in planes and driving around in boats. You actally stradegize the map and send people out. So you can really do a lot of stuff in this game. In this game there are two campaigns. The real one where the US wins. And the what-if one where the japanise won. Both are really deep and very fun to finish. Theres also a skirmish mode that has a lot of maps and game modes to play on. The graphics for this game are really really good. Also the controls are kind of different and you have to get used to them. The controls for the plane are the left stick is up and down for throttle and left and right for left and right. The right stick is for going up and down and manuvering your plane. The boat controls are pretty basic though. The online is pretty good for this game and will keep you going longer. So overall this game is really good and fill with a bunch of stuff. Try it out today.

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