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Battlestations: Midway


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Gameplay Controls

Battlestations: Midway

Directional Pad Up/Down = Ascend/Dive (Submarine). Select Unit.
Left Thumbstick Zoom In/Out (Submarine). Aircraft: Up/Down = Adjust Speed. Left/Right = Rudder. Pan Left/Right (Submarine).
Right Thumbstick Rotate Camera (Marine Vessel). Aircraft: Up/Down = Dive/Climb. Left/Right = Roll.
A Button Select Target
B Button Clear Target
X Button Command Menu (Hold)
Y Button Binoculars/Periscope Mode
Right Bumper Control Panel. Fire Weapon (Ship).
Left Bumper Repair Screen. Change Weapon (Ship).
Left Trigger Change Weapon. Enter Bomb Mode. Zoom In.
Right Trigger Fire Weapon (Aircraft). Bomber Cam (Pull and Hold). Zoom Out.
Start Pause. Skip.
Back Map Screen
Combo #1 Left Trigger (Pull and Hold), Right Trigger = Drop Bomb or Torpedo (Aircraft)
Combo #2 X Button (Hold), Directional Pad Right = Auto-Land (Aircraft)
Combo #3 Y Button, Left Thumbstick (Up/Down) = Zoom In/Out