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Great game

posted by webbypete (SAN GABRIEL, CA) Dec 21, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

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excellent RTS game
i rented it and blew my mind away but i think the training couldve been less annoying
one more thing they left out some things from WW2 from the pacific.
1 the didn't include a Kamikaze plane
2 and there were some other planes the americans and japanies both had that werent included
any way these dont bother me but it wouldve been nice to be included

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posted by gamemonkey (CORONA, CA) Feb 2, 2007

Member since Dec 2004

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THis game really surprised me, when I first downloaded the demo I thought it was going to be an average game but boy was I wrong. Everyone I played with online couldn't wait till this game was out, and so was I. It's heavy action mixed with a tactical map and smart AI to make it somewhat of an RTS.

You could play commander or dive right into a
plane squad leader's shoes or a captain of a battleship, submarine, cruiser, etc. I had the most fun being a pilot because the dog fighting is very intense with a hint of realism. You could be chased while your dive bombing but then you turn off your engine so the guy passes right next to you and you shoot him down.

As I said before AI is smart, especially in planes. Once I was chasing a a bomber before it dropped it's bomb at the shipyards but then it made a steep turn and I lost it. The dive bomber was way high up but then flipped over and started dive bombing, I couldn't believe how sophisticated they were when they did this. Then the maps are BIG. It may take you about 3 mins to reach your target, or more, by ship but the excitement of me being able to fight their ships and torpedo planes was too fun to let go of the controller.

The ships also have a repair aspect, where if a gun was jammed, the ship was taking in water, or there's a fire on deck you would need to take care of that by sending men to deal with the problem or your ship would sink soon. Also when the airfield or shipyard your taking care of is is destroyed you can't spawn any more units, BUT other team mates could give you a squad or ship to take care of so you can still enjoy the action

This would make war game fanatics go crazy and leave others wanting more of the intense and tactical action.


You owe your self to have tons of fun playing this game, if you can BUY THIS GAME it's that fun EVEN IF IT"S AN RTS

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posted by OblivionIV (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jan 31, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

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Graphics-8.0 Not the best, also not the worst.

Sound 8.5-Explosives sound real.

Game play-8.3 Bit hard to get use to Creating the
Ships,planes. controlling.ect

Over all-8.8!

it is a fun game which sometimes can last for hours battling over xbox live.

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