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Very Good

Micro Management at its best.

posted by BruinsFan (BEVERLY, MA) Feb 12, 2007

Member since Mar 2006

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Do you like RTS games? Do you like games like Battlefield 1942 on the PC? If you answered yes, then somebody up there loves you. Melt the two together and that what you get.

Battlestations:Miday is not for everyone, not even for most people. Its not going to be a best seller, its not going to win game of the year, but if it fits into your gaming niche you will be very happy. Fans of Chromehounds will know what I mean. This title is sure to be somewhat of a cult classic.

First of all the learning curve is pretty steep, and that after the hour long boring tutorial (and dont skip it, you'll regret it). You will learn everything there, from commanding units/squads, to submerging your submarines.

Like I said in the title, micromanagment is everything, and its too much to even touch on with the space im given here. Example: When launching a squadron of plans, you can selece weapons loadout and type of plane, tell then what you want them to do, then you have to tell them to land in order to reload. You also have to maintain the health of your vehicle by constantly repairing them. Someone else said it best "it like 50 pots boiling over at one time".

The graphics leave alot to be desired, but they do the job, even by nex-gen standards.

The campain is fun and challenging, but as ussual the meat and potatos lies in multiplayer. The modes are a bit limited, but its still has some staying power.

I can see myself spending endless nights battling it out in the South Pacific for along time with this game. I recommend anyone who is a fan of games like Chromehounds or even Over-G to at the least give this one a go.

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Hey, you spilled action game all over my RTS game!

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Feb 1, 2007

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Member since Jul 2006

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One of the best things about Battlestations Midway is that you can play it your way. Many times during Real-Time Strategy games, you want to take control of one of your units and actually DO something instead of watching the whole time. That's what this game is for. You can build a variety of planes and ships and switch freely amongst all of them. You can give your units orders and then take control of a group of planes and do that bombing run yourself. It's a great mix. You can still, however, play this game as strictly a RTS if you want. My brother spends almost all his time on the tactical map screen and only switches back to the game to create more units.

The single-player campaign basically spans the U.S. involvement in the Pacific from Pearl Harbor to the Battle of Midway (hence the title). You start out with relatively little options as you only have control over one unit. Towards the end (which I'm not quite at yet), you get control of a TON of units, like 30 or 40. It's almost too much to manage, but hopefully your time with the game has prepared you enough. Speaking of preparation, I just have to mention that the training missions are beyond boring. That's probably my only real gripe about the game.

Online, this game is a blast. Like Gears of War, the most you can do is 4 on 4. Each player gets control over a Unit Generator, like a shipyard, airfield, or carrier. You have a limited amount of units you can have out at a time, and a limit to the number of units your base can make total. If you are considering this game, you can download the free online demo from Xbox Live marketplace. Playing it, I'm sure, will be a better explanation than I can write here.

A good player can play against a team of 4 players and still have a shot. Are you better on a team or better coordinating all the attacks yourself? While I would much rather play with friends, I don't HAVE to, and that makes this stand out in the multiplayer world. It's a solid 9.

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Great Action

posted by 39Mustang (ALLEN, TX) Apr 21, 2008

Member since Dec 2004

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Only negative is sometimes hard to target ship to fire on, but otherwise you feel like you're right in the action! Sitting in PT boat in Pearl Harbor shooting at all the Zero's from all directions it doesn't get any better! Buy this game for sure...

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