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Really Bad

Crashed and Returned

posted by Gunther13 (CARTERVILLE, IL) Feb 3, 2013

Member since May 2011

It is a horrible game. Built on the COD engine, it just sucks. Seriously, I rented it from Gamefly to get the platinum and it was so bad I sent it back without finishing it.

Main reason for my anger: The enemy has these launched missile things called peg bombs. After I finished the 3rd level on Hard, and during a cinematic, a peg bomb lands, but since I can't move (in a cinematic remember?), the game freezes on me. I load it back up and I have to play the whole final part over again. Ummm, no, time to send back to Gamefly. LOL, garbage bin game.

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BattleShip, like the boardgame only worse...much

posted by MrGamerscore (FORT COLLINS, CO) Jan 1, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

man i was all excited to "be a battle ship" but you walk around shooting dudes mostly. you get to control the ship but its like point and shoot all your weapons untill they die in 5 seconds. there were 3-4 guns i found in the first several levels before i quit, it was cool having artilary from the ships where ever u wanted it got old fast..... i think i played 4 levels through. bummer

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posted by romelloadonis (GRAND ISLAND, NY) Nov 2, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

Let me be clear, the highlight to this game is the incorporation of the grid-based Battleship game mixed with the common FPS. But even that lackluster lasts only for the first cpl of stages. There is no story at all and the game is very short. Overall this is a nice RENTAL! Although fun, don't expect much!

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