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posted by XeonPro (SPRINGFIELD, MO) Jun 30, 2008

Member since Nov 2005

BFBC has a lot of addictive features such as almost completely destructive environments, challenging single player missions and boss-like battles against tanks and other enemy forces. Being able to take over control of an enemy vehicle or demolish almost everything in site with the AA gun before I take it out are just down right fun. Despite the fun and everything this game has to offer, I still feel it is lacking in a lot of areas.

Note, I have not had the chance to play multi-player but I have put in 6 hours at least on single player (hardest setting it would let me choose).

- Difficulty level is lacking. If you are like me and like COD4 and have beat it on veteran, this game will feel like a cake-walk on the hardest difficulty.

- Weapon/shooting accuracy not rewarded so much? I have tried against multiple enemies to pull off head shots using multiple different weapons and have yet to do so. I have not used a sniper rifle yet but you figure a few accurate rounds to the head/chest would put someone down. Maybe it is the difficulty setting I am playing on but it is like they expect you to use the spray and pray approach to killing. I have not been able to kill anyone yet without using 3 - 4 multiple bullet bursts even at close range with hits to upper body/head area. Not sure what's up there. I use the G3 in COD4 and usually take someone out in 1 - 4 burst single shot.

- Vehicles are very difficult to control. I love the choices here for vehicles but they are a little difficult to get used to. The quick swap from gunner to driver without exiting vehicle and without any delay is a very nice touch, specially since my AI team mate can't use a vehicle mounted weapon to save their lives.

- Environment is destructible. Trees, buildings, vehicles, walls, it is all fair game.

Overall impression:
BFBC brings a lot of really cool features to the table and is worth the rent. I have enjoyed it despite some of my complaints and recommend it.

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posted by Shodog (OAK PARK, CA) Jun 29, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

This game is like Call of Duty 4, except you can blow through walls and drive a HummerVehicle, helicopter, and tanks. It has unlockables and ranking up just like Cod 4. If you loved cod 4 then you will love this game as well. Play it online = good times.

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The True Next-Gen Game

posted by whitehawk (Kimberling City, MO) Jun 29, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

Wow, this game is amazing the 90% of destructible environments and graphics arent the best of the best but still awesome the story line is still good even though this is the first real story line in a battlefield game it is my opinion the best battlefield game so far.

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