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posted by Taheen (MANCHESTER, NH) Jul 7, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

On the single player side, the game is above average but no better. The missions are fun but repetitive: drive here, fight some bad guys, blow this up, and repeat.
However, multiplayer is simply broken. On PS3 the lag ranges from bad to horrible with frequent (say every 30 minutes or so) freezes. Hit detection is often way off, and the game is totally unbalanced. You shouldn’t have to unload one hundred rounds of M60 ammo at a guy 50 yards away to kill him, and you shouldn’t have to shoot a guy twice with a .50 cal sniper rifle to drop him, let alone three or four times.
And before you get all critical, no it isn’t my connection; I play several other online games regularly (COD4, GTA4) with no problems.
Unfortunately I preordered this game hoping for the best…it’s going on EBay today.
Avoid this game.

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I don't know

posted by JayDiggle (bountiful, UT) Jul 5, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

For whatever reason, I just could not get into this game. I am a fan of FPS, I love crude and childish humor, and I love blowing stuff up. That is why I am so...frustrated that I did not enjoy this game as much as a lot of folks have.

The game, to me, looks just decent. Nothing that blew me away but whatever, still good.
I did enjoy the audio aspect of it. Turning up the sound system was quite nice.
There were some funny parts (which I am sure there are more but I just couldn't finish the game)

Overall, I would have to say that I just felt like something was missing, kinda like this review I guess. There is no real substance to it and I had a hard time finishing this sentence.

I would say it is worth a shot. Who knows, maybe I was just not in the right state of mind when I played it. Maybe if I hadn't recently gotten back into playing another shooter coughCOD4cough, maybe I would have enjoyed it more.

Rent it then you decide.

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Lived up to the hype

posted by ginsyy (GRAND ISLAND, NY) Jul 5, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

Bad company was a great game, as expected. I like the fact that you can blow up anything you want, and can somewhat choose how to complete each objective. The shooting could have been a little more realistic, and the campaign could have been longer, but all in all it was a solid game

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