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GF Rating

Very Good

Good game that deserves it's sequel.

posted by EvanCD (BERTHOUD, CO) Oct 29, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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Battlefield: Bad Company is a fun game, but not extremely worth buying. I could say that it's a amazing military game with no flaws, but thats a lie. The vehicles are clunky, the AL is pretty good; but EDGE could have put more effort into them, way too short to buy anyways, and the guns don't really feel like their meant for this generation of games. But there are pros, so don't be worried about this being a terrible game. The enviroments are beautiful, the multiplayer is average, and finding all of the guns and getting all the trophies is fun too. Destroying the enviroment is cool also.

So I would say this is worth my ratings, but you decide youself. (In other words, rent it or try it someway else.) So, read on fellow renters, and may my review help you!


+ Beutiful Enviroments

+Destructable Enviroments

+Good AL and average multiplayer


- Clunky-handling vehicles

- Guns aren't that good

-Only worth a rental= EDGE goes bankrupt. =(

- Short. Very, very short.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good War Game

posted by kingdeej (GLENSIDE, PA) Jun 14, 2009

Member since May 2009

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Ya know, the problem with most shooting games, especially involving war, is that the developers don't give us in depth characters, characters that that the gamer has a reason to care about. When they do it, it makes the game more interesting, which is why games like Call of Duty 4 is considered one of the best, arguably the best. The characters of Battlefield: Bad Company are just fun to follow. I find myself laughing at your buddies Haggard and Coldwater while shooting the enemies the entire time.

Overall, the game is a lot of fun. Blowing up stuff, funny moments, one of the best sniper controls I've seen in a shooting game, and a awesome story. Plus, for lazy gamers, if you die at some point, it restarts at the last checkpoint, BUT all the enemies killed before you die stay dead. Perfect! Plus, my favorite thing that most games don't have, the ability to fix your vehicles, i.e. your tanks.

BUT....the game has flaws. The AI can be completely useless at times. At some points, you'll think you're the only one killing enemies....that's because you are. You'll find the AI staring off into space at times in the middle of battle. The AI does has promising moments still, like explosion-crazed Hagged will come through with some good rocket launcher shots.

The Helicopter controls were a bit sketchy, I also did feel like there were some bugs near the end of the game (enemies not showing up on radar, sniping enemies in the head and they don't react, etc.).

BUT...if you like war/shooting games and enjoy the story like I did, you will manage to look over these things. Definitely worth a rental, if you have the money, worth the buy.

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GF Rating



posted by invincible (MONROVIA, IN) May 22, 2009

Member since Sep 2006

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This is one of the best first-person shooter games on the market right now. A great (And funny) storyline, incredible Multiplayer game modes and ranking systems, great weapons, and awesome destruction effects make this game great. The only reason this game did not get a 10, is because the gameplay gets a little repetitive after 4 or 5 levels (There are only 6 in the game. But don't worry, they are very long). This is a great game, and definetly worth the incredibly cheap price of $20.00

I hope you find this review helpful, and love the game

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