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GF Rating


I only played campaign and it was HORRIBLE!

posted by GF_casualgamer (MANTECA, CA) Feb 22, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

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Seems like people like this game for the online multi-player. I only play single campaign, so my review is based on that.

I had to stop playing the campaign. The missions are short and there's long cut-scenes that are BORING and POINTLESS. The characters try to be funny and there's hit and miss. But after awhile, I hated the cut-scenes and there were way too many. It interrupted the game-play. I suppose if you just want to F around in the game and blow up stuff, this may be your thing.

Not for me though. I want a good linear story. Graphics are nice and movement/controls are good.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Ever wanted to play a game based on Kelly's Heroes

posted by GFR013 (MERRIFIELD, VA) Jun 28, 2008

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or Three Kings for the younger set, well here's your chance. If you know anything about those movies, or seen any of the trailers for the game, you know this is going to be a very irreverent FPS. Frankly after the numerous Tom Clancy and CoD games and clones out there it's about time. My only experience with the Battlefield series was BF2 (on Xbox), and compared to that (with the switching between characters on the fly and going for a more realistic battle setting) this is nothing like that. It's also nothing like the other squad/tactical shooters out there, as you have no control over your squad's movements. However that's no reason to give this one a pass. If you like shooters this is definitely worth renting, after all if nothing else there's ton of gold to find ;)

What you do have are explosions, an almost fully destructible environment, explosions, a good variety of weapons and some vehicles (one very unique one at that, mentioned below), explosions, explosive barrels about every 20ft which yield (did I happen to mention) explosions :D The levels themselves are very straight forward. The controls are typical FPS layout so there's little learning curve. The AI could be better but is acceptable. The graphics and effects look great. The cut scenes, even though they are skippable, have been amusing enough to keep me watching.

The only reasons I didn't rate it higher are because the sound didn't really thrill me. By default you start in "Hi-Def" and you have the option for "Home Theater" (or something like that, I guess the book explains more) but even on presumably the best quality the surrounds weren't doing much. The standard walking pace was a bit slow/sluggish. Finally I also wish they designed the other squad mates to drive the vehicle while I shoot.

Despite those minor flaws, so far I have thoroughly enjoyed the game. I mean what other game is going to give you the opportunity to assault a fortified position in a golf cart :D

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GF Rating


better than most combat games ... w/ potential

posted by thamuffins (PAWLING, NY) Aug 5, 2008

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first off, i am NOT a fan of military first person shooters or multiplayer combat games, but i thought this one had some humor and some promise.

to me it seems they were billing this game as not your average serious military endeavor... like "stripes" meets "call of duty". the plot was enjoyable, at times the writing fell a bit flat and needless. while the characters were quirky, i'd have liked to see them more "off the wall"

being a complete first person shooter novice, i chose the easy level and finished the game in about 6 hours. now i did enjoy the open playing field, allowing you to outflank your directives and not be forced to go straight at them or forced in a particular direction. (as opposed to many of the call of duty scenarios)

there were some "reality" glitches. several times i would take out a shack, demolishing a structure with an RPG only to find that the enemy within was immune to the strike AND subsequent missiles. (how does one survive repeated hits like this?). they would only go down with a rifle, not a grenade....

no doubt the (nearly) destructible environment, as well as the variety of weapons, made for some fun whoopin'.

perhaps they can take this concept to the next level and twist it even more into a more "adultly" irreverent title. (hear that rockstar?)

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