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multiplayer review

posted by omni77 (Minneapolis, MN) Jun 27, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

57 out of 60 gamers (95%) found this review helpful

I found the multiplayer experience in this game to be absolutely unbelievable. With a few minor hitches . heres the breakdown

the good ..
TONS of destructible goodness. Buildings breaking apart nicely. The sounds of war are just what you would imagine. The weapons feel and perform nicely. Rank and unlock system are set up well , offering some very fine additions to your arsenal. Team play has a TON of potential. Vehicles of all types (land,sea,air,amhibious). Support units as well (artillery,rockets). Easy to get the hang of. Goldrush is a fun twist on the multiplayer shooter model. The smoke in the sky looks so real you might find yourself killed a few times for stopping to take in the eerie beauty of a large scale battle in progress .. and the maps are quite sizeable.

the bad ..
Voice chat support is limited to your own squad, and they are random so getting into a squad with a friend is not easy. Some weapons are a bit overpowered and some are a tad weak. only 8 maps. There is currently no mode other than goldrush (Albeit goldrush is absolutely killer fun in my opinion). Buildings dont fully crumble, they all have some areas that remain.

in closing ..
I have played many multiplayer FPS and never been very succesfull at them. This game I find myself with near the highest score on my squad any time I deliver a decent ammount of effort.

GOLDRUSH : 2 teams .. attackers and defenders. The objective is to destroy or defend crates of gold .Any member of the attacking team can harm the crates with standard weapon fire, explosives, vehicle weapons , or by walking up to it (: and placing a charge by holding O. Defenders can disarm the charge by getting to the crate and holding O. Attackers have limited reinforcements (spawns) once these are depleted the defenders win . As each set of (2) crates is destroyed the map opens further and the attackers get more reinforcements (spawns). once all the crates ( 3-5 sets per map ) are destroyed the attackers win!!

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GF Rating


Not so Bad company

posted by darkfox703 (ALEXANDRIA, VA) Jun 25, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

49 out of 52 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

First off, I am not a fan of battlefield games in general. I've played almost all of them, and was left was the same experience every game....With Bad company being the exception.

What first made the game attractive was the introduction of the frostbite engine. So in response to the common question "how powerful is it really?" It shatters the unreal engine, and anything unreal 3.0 is going to hope to do. This new engine allows for the destruction of....well...anything. If you find yourself playing an assault class and decide you need a door to a building pronto, then have no fear our rifle mounted grenade launchers are here. Nearly any wall or building is subject to destruction, which makes the gameplay that much more interesting. Hiding from that big tank inside a building isn't going to work like it did in Halo. This opens up a whole new realm of tactics, especially in capture gametypes.

More often than not, these "genre defining engines" are riddled with flaws, the most common is the graphical support, that have made far to many revolutionary games look terrible. This is not a problem in B company as it looks stunning and rarely experiences framerate drops (massive artillery strikes tend to weigh you down a little)

The single player is excellently written and designed. It does suffer from the occasional cheesy line, or less than funny joke, but it makes up for it with superb single player gameplay. The difficulty is on excellent par with it's it's play types and is sure to satisfy hardcore BF players to people new to the shooter genre

The Multi-player aspect of BF games has always been it's focus,and B Company is no different. It offers dozens of unlockable weapons, but sadly, many of the weapons are hard to distinguish between performances. The M16 for example has excellent range for an assault wep, but it isn't very noticeable in gameplay. The other issue with the multiplayer derives from its massive scale, which causes frequent lag.
Def worth the buy

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GF Rating


Good-bye call of duty....

posted by silyrabbit (TALLAHASSEE, FL) Jun 30, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

27 out of 30 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

After playing just the demo of battlefield online, I had to take my copy of COD4 (which I LOVE btw) and trade it in to preorder Battlefield. Other than crowded servers, I can't find anything that I just don't like about the game. The ability to interact with the environment i.e. mowing down trees with the machine gun on top of the tank, or blow the wall out of the side of a building w/a helicopter only to reveal three enemies hiding behind the wall begging you to shoot them :D, is awesome. This is my first foray into the battlefield arena. I've played many FPS', but for me it's #1 on my list. It's a very fast moving watch your back, and your buddies back kind of game. Multiple maps and 5 different classes to choose from each with seperate "special" abilities that when "well played" requires a good amount of teamwork. i.e. the support class "tagging" a tank with a laser so the demo class can lock on a missle. A medic frantically chasing his squad down tossing first aid kits to keep the drive alive.
I can ramble most of the day about how much fun I've had. I guess the only drawback I've really found is trying to find enought time in the day to squeeze a lil more Battlefield time in.
Sooo if you dedcide to try it, look for me online, sillyjackrabbit.

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