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BFBC2: Review

posted by Luke131 (TYLER, TX) Mar 4, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

This game is great! I just got it yesterday and I could not wait to play the next day when I went to sleep. That is what I think of it.

Here are some step by step things


Amazing Graphics, even better then MW2!


Easy to figure out how to play, but you can't get on your stomach and crawl!


Online rocks! You can pretty much make your own class by changing side guns RPG to C4 and stuff like that.


Good story (So far) The first level you get to go back into 1944 and do a mission; (so it's like CODWAW) but then you return to the present.

-Why is it rated "M"?

For it's own reasons, like there is THOUSANDS of cussing (10 times worse than usaly a "M" game) and a lot of blood.
(but not gore)


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BC2 is Great

posted by 420foreva (GILFORD, NH) Mar 3, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

dont listen to the person who rated this a 6 when everyone else was rating it a 9 or 10. they bring up some good points yet haven't played it long enough to judge it really, neither have i but ill tell you some good points about this game.

i havent really played campaign that much but i have stuck to multiplayer and its a big improvement.
-50 ranks to go through
-decent amount of weapons and gadgets that you unlock readily
-scope for guns (like red dot and 4x scopes, ect.)
-perk-type specialties for your person, guns, and vehicles
-4 game types ~there is a hardcore mode like COD too
-5 huge/expanding maps (they are coming out with map packs also)
-more realistic bullet damage

thats pretty much the major improvements there tons more to check out too so rent it or buy it. But if your looking for a MW2 your not going to get it. this is almost better with the vehicles, expanding maps, complete destructible environments, and not really any camping =] . i own both and there both good though.

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beyond what i expected

posted by spudsta (RICHMOND, VA) Mar 3, 2010

Member since Nov 2009

i must say i have been blown out of the water with this latest BF installment. multiplayer requires skill and teamwork, and is less about camping or shooting from the hip. spawn camping is 99% prevented as well. graphics and environment are mindblowing just look at the distant scenery and you will know what i mean. storyline is much stronger than the first. it takes a few games to get used too. everything is much more based on a macro scale warefare, so its hard to compare to MW, but i think the online is stronger, personally. this is definitely a keeper for me

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