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What a blast!

posted by ipwn007 (BOISE, ID) Nov 2, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

58 out of 60 gamers (97%) found this review helpful

In Bad Company you play as Preston Marlowe throughout the campaign (except for the first mission which is a prelude of sorts taking place during WWII). Marlowe is a member of 'Bad Company' alongside Sweetwater, Haggard, and Sarge. Each character has an eccentric personality of their own that develops throughout the campaign and by the end you'll feel that you really know the characters. In a way the campaign has two stories, the small scale story of Bad Company (and their interactions with each other) and the larger scale story that Bad Company plays a role in.

One of the best things that Bad Company 2 does is provide a variety of missions. Each mission has a character all its own, from the environment to the way the mission is carried out. There are plenty of driving missions in a variety of vehicles and they all behave differently. You'll command jeeps and four-wheelers which are a blast to rip through the environment in, and you'll also control tanks and helicopters. Beyond driving missions (or driving parts of individual missions) there's even more variety. In one mission you're separated from your squad in a snow storm and not only have to fight enemies in near zero visibility but you have to keep warm to avoid freezing to death. You do this by running into buildings or shooting explosive barrels to survive.

Another unique thing about Bad Company is the destructibility in the game. Practically everything you set your eyes on the game can be destroyed piece by piece. You can blow out the walls of buildings one by one until the collapse, you can blow out windows taking away enemies' cover, you can even shoot down trees, guard towers and water towers which can fall onto other things causing even greater destruction. Note, however, you're not the only one with destructive power, your enemies can do the same to you. This makes things much more interesting especially when the wall you were hiding behind is blown apart by 50 caliber machine gun fire.


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Feels New

posted by Liberated8 (PALMYRA, PA) Mar 1, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

182 out of 208 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

If you haven't played the first battlefield game, whats wrong with you!? The game looks the same and keeps some of the core elements from the first one. feels like there is indeed more destruction and enviorment interaction which is saying a lot as it is what really made it stand out. It's still no Red Faction in terms of destruction, but is realistic.

The class system is all switched up with some new weapons and special gadgets. There is no more specialist class. The C4 went to the sniper, and the Guns to the Engineer. It feels more balanced this way. And instead of picking up ammo or med kits you stand near them, making it more group friendly.

My favorite new gadget is the Defibulator, it will bring dead comrads back to life if you get to them in about 10 seconds. Invaluable to attackers and defenders alike. The helicopters are still powerfull but not overbearing like they felt at least to me in the first one. (I still can't fly the dam thing though they did make it easier to control)

Overal - Great game, The first battlefield got me off halo and havent touched it since, and This one is going to do the same for me with Modern warfare 2.

1-10 (1 being worst and 10 the best)
Fun Factor- 10
Graphics - 9
Longevity/Replay Value - 10
Audio - 9
Online Play - 9 (still can only speak to your squad, some may love this some may not)


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makes you forget about call of duty

posted by NinjaPat (BEDFORD, OH) Apr 24, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

20 out of 22 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

this game is way better than the first bad company..its campaign missions are call of duty short and it really opens up to using a variety of weapons to get each level done and there are weapon stash boxes laying around each level so you can swap your weapons at any time...the first person view you get when driving vehicles is pretty intense cause you actually feel like you are favorite part about the game is the online multiplayer..bad company 2 has a super addicting multiplayer but a little annoying at times because people will just constantly stay in tanks or helicopters but that brings the joy of c4 and an rpg :). the game also makes fun of modern warfare 2 in the campaign which makes things more interesting...although my review may not be very good, im greedy about my war games and this one really got me hot and bothered in a good way so if you like war games, you should definately check this one out cause it will definately knock your socks off and maybe even your underwear to

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