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Multiplayer Review

posted by GringoStar (CADIZ, KY) May 10, 2010

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There are many great things about this games online side. The use of vehicles is an awesome side of things for starters. Buildings crumble to stop campers from hideing which is a great thing if you are really into first person shooters. And this game is well worth your time. a couple things I wanted to do though was walk you through the bad things which there is very few. To me these things really irritate me tho :).

First there is no compass on the mini map which really messes up the communication aspect of the game. Its hard to call people out when u dont know where north south east and west is. The targeting system helps out a bunch but none the less to me its not enough.

Another thing is in rush mode where you would plant or defuse a bombsite. When the building is destroyed 100% the M-Com station is destroyed. Which if 1 team went sniper and called in mortar strikes it is verry simple to destroy M-COM. That can be a bummer. But other than that. the game is awesome and totally worth your time!

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Better than COD if you wish to compare

posted by DeLaGrim (CONCORD, NC) Aug 17, 2011

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I laugh when people compare it to Call Of Duty but thats the only way some can understand it. Do not come into the game thinking you can get online and spray and just spawn camp like you do in COD since it is harder to do. You need some skill yes I said skill when it comes to the sniper.. UNLIKE COD you can not just aim at the persons head and they are on the other side of the map and you get a head shot the bullets will drop in this game and you will need to aim higher if they are further away, the graphics are good I do not know what half the people on here are complaining about the graphics are better than Black ops in my opinion and the sound is amazing it sounds like your in a battlefield if your using surround sound. The online maps are HUGE for a shooter so COD fans may hate it. You can get in tanks and helicopters and blow up buildings and they will eventually fall! Unlike call of duty you can shoot a rocket at a wall where a sniper is and take it out so they can not hide. If you love shooters and want something with a bit of skill i recommend to rent this or buy it just do not compare it to call of duty since it isnt the same game

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Very Good

Fun campaign over too soon

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Mar 5, 2010

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NOTE: This review is based on the single player campaign only, as I don't do the online multiplayer, which is why this score is a bit lower than some other reviews.
"Battlefield: Bad Company 2" reunites us with Marlowe, Sarge, Sweetwater, and Haggard, the boys who make up Bravo Company. Only this time around, their exploits don't take them in pursuit of mercenary gold. Rather, they're in pursuit of a Russian who's trying to obtain a very nasty weapon. The chase takes them from the snow covered mountains in Alaska to the jungles of South America, and for the most part it's quite a fun ride. The destructable environments are back and amped up, as this time you can collapse whole structures with a well placed shot. Controls are tight and easy to pick up, and the health system is revamped (gone is using your syringe-now you need to find cover). The AI is fairly smat and will use the destructable environments against you, adding a bit more tension and faster pace to the firefights. The voice acting is again superb, with lots of humor thrown in, and the story is much tighter than the first game. Graphics are bumped up a notch, with only the occassional hiccup, with nice weather effects for good measure. There is a problem with your squadmates, however, as they sometimes get in your way, but overall they help. There are times too when the enemy can be a bit overwhelming, and the particle effects from dust, smoke, and explosions makes seeing difficult, which can lead to some cheap deaths. Overall though the game is fun to play, but it just ends way too soon. Clocking in at between 5-7 hours, buying this for the single player just doesn't make much sense. It would have been nice if EA and DICE had included some offline co-op, but no such luck. If you play online, from what I've read, then this game's for you. If you're an offline solo gamer like myself, then this is a rental only, but it's definitely worth the rent. Maybe the next one will be longer.

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