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Looks decent, shoots better SOUNDS AMAZING!!

posted by Orionx68 (CANOGA PARK, CA) Aug 13, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

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A roll of the dice... ( zing ) ... this is one of those shooters that doesn't have to be gorgeous looking... it more than compensates with how deeply you will be engaged with the campaign mode. Starts off kind of slow ( just my opinion ) but the it picks up with the sickness! I definitely recommend this game for people who like shooters that have in-depth campaign modes. Fully destructible environments... a mass arsenal of weapons... a mass arsenal of vehicles land,sea,air.... the sounds of this game are UNRIVALED, hands down....

The online mode is obviously amazing itself.
controls aren't my first choice of fantastic, but they aren't horrible...

check this game out!


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MW2's Online Experience Overtaken!

posted by toMsonsLLC (BERWYN, IL) Mar 2, 2010

Member since Jun 2009

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I want to say that I never played BC1 other than a demo. So this isn't a very biased review of the game. I hope I can help people "on the fence" on getting Bad Company 2.

The story isn't special (single player), and just like MW2, you shouldn't get this game for the single player aspects. Buy or rent this for the multiplayer, because the single player is rather short (6-8 hours) and unrewarding due to no buildup. It's longer than MW2's, but still, it really will not give you a feeling you are playing a full game. I will say that it's more fun to play BC's campaign (too me) than MW2's. Happens to have more action in it and the environments are fantastic. MW2 doesn't come close to BC2 in terms of destructible scenery and objects (houses, etc..).

Controls: It's very easy to pick up and play. They don't grill you to be annoyed at first, they really took their time to build the controls and the system right and this is the best I've ever experienced in a console FPS game.

Now to the good parts that you should be buying this game for! Yes, the multiplayer. You pretty much choose a class and they have guns and such you can choose/customize from. With classes, they have "perks" which are just extra guns and equipment you earn as you play along (better you do, obviously). This is just like MW2, but these perks also include perks for vehicles which is unique and rather cool/fun to mess around with.

Gameplay: In the game, it's based off of 24 players. Playing this game is different from Modern Warfare 2. For instance, you are pushed more into teamwork based online gameplay which makes this game so great. It's hard to Rambo objectives. While MW2 seems to have people running around endlessly, or hiding in a bush so they don't die. BC2 ditches that mindset with unbelievable online structure, that is easy to understand and fun to play. Their are multiple online modes, so if you like FPS games, this is for you!

OVERALL = 9.2/10 (Great controls, multiplayer; Better than MW2's)

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posted by m2gamer10 (FRANKLIN, OH) Apr 20, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

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This game is very realistic and interactive. The modern gadgets of BC2 makes it true to life combat situations. The vehicles and weapons are powerful and armed to the teeth. My favorite part is the realistic sniping, which tests your ability to adapt to your environment. If you like realistic modern first-person shooters, then get BC2.

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