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posted by spuce (ORISKANY, NY) May 24, 2014

Member since Sep 2011

i kept getting stuck in the campaign because the AI would freeze and i would have to go back. couldn't finish it because it wouldn't let me past a certain point even after replaying the area 3 times. and the online like all others is completely ruined by the lag

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Not just broken... Irreparable.

posted by Buddyru (MIDLAND, TX) May 21, 2014

Member since Apr 2008

After careful consideration, I would only recommend this game to people with the highest amount of patience. If you're looking for a game with little to no consistency, this is it! If you like shooters where the guns / rockets / grenades are constantly being modified (for better or [usually] for worse.

If this is what 'next-gen' has to offer, I want my money back. The graphics are ..good, but with the screen tearing, and the rubber-banding, this game feels like it's still on the 360.

The game creators are continuing to 'tweak' the game, further proving that it was released far too soon. Nothing feels balanced.

Helicopters are proof of the imbalance. There are over 10 different ways to kill a helicopter (besides just crashing it from all the trees, buildings, antennas, etc.): Stingers/Iglas, RPGs/SMAWs, AA Mines, Javelins with aide from laser painting snipers, Tanks, LAVs, Mobile AA, RHIB Boats, Attack Boats, Transport choppers, Scout Choppers, Attack Choppers, Jets, Grenade Launchers, and on and on and on.. To top it off, ECM Jammer is fickle and only works to disrupt a lock / missle SOMETIMES, but flares don't last long enough.. Icing on the cake is the invisible ceiling that helicopters can't fly past. Jets can literally fly so high that you can't even lock onto them. What threatens a jet? Other jets, and the scout / attack chopper is a mild annoyance. If jets can fly that high, why not helicopters?

One last thing to mention on my cons rant: Invisible walls and glitch areas. They. Are. EVERYWHERE! Every map has several. Some much worse than others. I am not exaggerating when I say I find a new glitch or mistake with the game EACH time I play it. To make matters worse, DICE releases patches that attempt to fix a problem (usually failing) and then create NEW ones!

I've run out of room.. Bottom line is, there isn't a better shooter out, so this is it.. deal with it. However, as soon as a new Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon (preGRAW) style arrives, I'm gone

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GF Rating

Above Average

yeah i like when games save

posted by madvenom11 (FISHKILL, NY) May 11, 2014

Member since Jun 2010

I liked the gameplay of both single and multi player modes. 1 big big problem. GAME DIDNT SAVE. After the game not saving 2 separate times into the single player i had enough.

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