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Great......when it works

posted by Zebrowa27 (BUFFALO, NY) Nov 30, 2013

Member since Apr 2011

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Great graphics and intense online play. The campaign is awesome but very short. That being said, Battlefield 4 has moderate to severe issues that make this game a frustrating experience. Server issues kick you out of matches and even reboot or freeze the game constantly. Also, you cannot enter a main lobby to team up with friends to start a match. You can enter matches that friends have already entered; however, trying to get on the same team is a pain and frustrating. This is a huge oversight in my opinion, as most people play online specifically to play with fiends. I have also lost all of my campaign progress TWICE (level completion, weapon unlocks, collectibles). After a brief internet search, I found this is a common problem that DICE is aware of and is the result of DICE server issues that can corrupt campaign saved games. Although I did really enjoy this game initially, Battlefield 4 is an unfinished product and ultimately I am disappointed that I made this purchase.

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Awesome.... when it works.

posted by ADowske (MILWAUKEE, WI) Nov 29, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

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Battlefield is currently (End of November 2013) being plagued with server issues. So when you can manager to connect to a game, it's epic. 64 players total in one match, 32 per side. Seeing four helicopters in the air (2 on each side) and about 8 tanks on the ground (4 per side), and tons of infantry scattering is amazing. Love the fact there is bullet drop to take into account on the recon class, adds a level of realism. Very fun, recommend as a purchase over a rental (105 hours in).

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Falls short of expectations, but not a bad game.

posted by Nick_The_Cage (KNOXVILLE, TN) Apr 13, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

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Battlefield 4 is definitely a game to play with friends. The amount of fun you can have doing something crazy in this game is great! But the technical problems they keep refusing to fix are quite frustrating. Often times, your taking fire and run behind cover only to die in what you thought was a safe spot to regenerate HP to the guy who was shooting around the corner because of the server lag, which is incredibly noticeable. The network smoothing does make it appear that no one is lagging, but sometimes when you shoot at someone you think is there, but server-side your actually shooting beside them. Many features are kind of wonky, like half the time you can't pick-up the special guns like the 6-round grenade launcher and the .50 rifle. Also, when you play on the naval strike maps, there is this horrible rubber-banding that makes the maps unplayable sometimes. All-in-all, If you can put up with lag and bugs, and you have friends to mess around with, you can have quite a blast with Battlefield 4.

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