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GF Rating

Very Good

BF4 is great

posted by kdubgamer (GRAND PRAIRIE, TX) Jan 8, 2014

Member since Jan 2007

The graphics to me is better that COD Ghost and I think the game play and story is great overall a great shooter lots of action and fun multiplayer options.

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GF Rating


Challenging but Fun as Always

posted by JetpackDinosaur (ORLANDO, FL) Jan 3, 2014

Member since Feb 2013

Campaign mode is okay, but does a pretty good job of introducing you to the new physics and gameplay elements. Multiplayer is as fun as ever but has received a SIGNIFICANT difficulty spike due to a few changes (like less weapons being able to suppress and have to manually set a scope for bullet drop).

The destruction and level-altering choices are many and dramatic; a few well placed RPG or grenade launcher shots can truly change the course of a match.

I've always found Battlefield to stand above all the other modern-day shooters because it simply feels more realistic and you are required to use more strategy to play well. I still like Call of Duty (although haven't played Ghosts yet), but it feels like more of an arcade shooter. Battlefield 4 doesn't generally have players with a 26:1 K/D ratio, and you can be in first place with very few kills as long as you complete objectives and are a great team player. Unlocks are also much more difficult to achieve, whereas Call of Duty practically rewards you for breathing.

Fun to play and a good challenge to learn.

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GF Rating


It's back, and even better.

posted by Skyman317 (ATLANTA, GA) Dec 29, 2013

Member since Jan 2012

For me, Battlefield is a genre-defining title, the experience of Battlefield 4 is unmatched by any other FPS i have played. The level of detail in this game is mind-blowing, still running at the perfect framerate even on seventh-generation consoles.
The multiplayer is also breathtaking, allowing up to 64 players on PS4/X1 makes for an epic challenge for all to enjoy.
Overall this is a great game, might have a few technical problems here and there, but i highly recommend this game, especially for eighth-gen consoles and PC.

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