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GF Rating


Good and getting better

posted by barichristopher (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Jan 23, 2014

Member since Oct 2012

This yrs Battlefield is hard to grade. Yes due to nex-gen consoles the gameplay and graphics are smoother. The Story campaign is actually very good and exciting. My friends and I also enjoy the full 32 vs 32 player matchups in multiplayer.
This leads me to my reason of low scoring. If and when the EA servers want to run correctly the game can be a constant online blast especially when you do conquest. Conquest literally will have you in a world of war for a full 40-60 real life minutes trying to one up the enemy. The "levelation" is awesome to where in battle once city streets are now flooded. You can be on top or inside of a building and hear alarms going off due to the building collapsing.(i cant express enough how many times i've attempted to take an elevator to the top of a skyscraper and have died due to this late in a battle -_- lol)
The servers are rarely up and running, everyone from all over the web has seen the same issues my friends and I have been dealing with causing this game to become a dust collector. Servers crash, the "battle log" (which allows you to see your stats,friend's stats as well as being able to join your friend's matches) is always down. It's sad because yr in and yr out EA pumps these games up we get excited and their servers never work. I would trade some of my graphics for a working game any day.
All in all Battlefield could have and can become a higher rated game should EA hurry on the bugs. However I doubt this will happen; all who forked out the cash for this game will have their gripes and swear never to buy an EA game again but will, and a new and fun game will come out sooner than the servers get fixed.
Thanks for reading and happy gaming,

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GF Rating

Very Good

BF4 is great

posted by kdubgamer (GRAND PRAIRIE, TX) Jan 8, 2014

Member since Jan 2007

The graphics to me is better that COD Ghost and I think the game play and story is great overall a great shooter lots of action and fun multiplayer options.

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GF Rating


Challenging but Fun as Always

posted by JetpackDinosaur (ORLANDO, FL) Jan 3, 2014

Member since Feb 2013

Campaign mode is okay, but does a pretty good job of introducing you to the new physics and gameplay elements. Multiplayer is as fun as ever but has received a SIGNIFICANT difficulty spike due to a few changes (like less weapons being able to suppress and have to manually set a scope for bullet drop).

The destruction and level-altering choices are many and dramatic; a few well placed RPG or grenade launcher shots can truly change the course of a match.

I've always found Battlefield to stand above all the other modern-day shooters because it simply feels more realistic and you are required to use more strategy to play well. I still like Call of Duty (although haven't played Ghosts yet), but it feels like more of an arcade shooter. Battlefield 4 doesn't generally have players with a 26:1 K/D ratio, and you can be in first place with very few kills as long as you complete objectives and are a great team player. Unlocks are also much more difficult to achieve, whereas Call of Duty practically rewards you for breathing.

Fun to play and a good challenge to learn.

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