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Very Good


posted by italianweapon (BLAIR, NE) Sep 18, 2014

Member since Sep 2014

i give BF4 a 8 cus i loved playing online but story mode i was able to play the first mission but once i got to mission 2 it freeze every time so i stop playing story cus i dont want BF4 to MESS up my ps3 BIG LET DOWN BF3 WAS SO MUCH BETTER!...

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GF Rating


Interesting But can annoy

posted by Selectfew (MONTICELLO, FL) Sep 8, 2014

Member since Mar 2011

The Good :

Good Graphics , Equipment , variety of weapons , and so far destructible enviroments the engage order is nice too

The BAD :

Enemies that werent there a second ago can and often do spawn right up your backside on later levels , and on one in particular be prepared to face the entire CHINESE ARMY , with 4 guys Kinda overdone

Also , enemy tanks etc will NOT fire at your AI very much but will certqainly key in on YOU with EXPERT shots , while you drive aim and feel EVERY bump in the road can be irritating

I dont mind realism in a combat game I like it BUT BALANCE THE SCALE

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GF Rating

Above Average

BF3 is a better game

posted by foff667 (CLERMONT, FL) Aug 23, 2014

Member since Nov 2012

After playing BF3 for several months on multiplayer and maxing out my soldier I decided to buy BF4 thinking it was going to be an extension of that game or at least better, unfortunately I was wrong.

Lets start with the positives from BF3 with BF4 you can now spot people better, they give autofocus for the guns now which I don't believe BF3 had, some people like this some people don't, I personally think it helps leveling the playing field which should theoretically make the games closer. More things you can blow up and buildings even crumble if hit alot of times. Doesn't freeze as much as BF3 from my experience

Now onto the negatives, they switched the controls around pretty drastically with the R3 now being the knife button and R2 being the spot/talk button(which I don't find the talk feature helpful), Not a big fan of the maps and wish they would've carried over the BF3 maps or at least some of them.

Team deathmatch rounds are limited to 100 tickets
Team deathmatch rounds with 100 tickets take as long as a 400 ticket conquest round(roughly 13-20 minutes) this in itself is a huge turnoff as I mostly play deathmatch as I'm now basically forced to play conquest to level up fast event while getting less kills.

I had things freeze one time which is better than BF3(at least for me BF3 had MAJOR freezing issues) but I could live with that.

Load times between deaths is HORRIBLE you need to wait roughly 15 seconds between deaths now rather than being able to opt in quickly like in BF3.

I'm sure there are other things I will find but I'm just frustrated and its still early.

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