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Wow....Biggest letdown so far of 2014

posted by Adeum (OGDEN, UT) Mar 1, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

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All of what people have been saying is true - except you take the bugs and glitches being experienced by PC/Next-gen players and multiply it exponentially. I usually end up getting 1 shot killed for the grand majority of my deaths due to the 1 shot kill bug that has been patched on PC/Next-gen but evidently it is still a problem on old consoles.

Maps are still far too big for 24 players. You spend 90% of your game time running to objectives. And if you are in infantry player you're out of luck because this game is basically like the AK expansion for BF3. It's all about the vehicles. But in general, the maps are poorly designed for 24 player servers.

So many bugs I don't even know when to begin. My first experience with BF4 started with a system freeze in the first 10 minutes of gameplay. Had to hard-reset my PS3. This has happened roughly 15 times in less than 4 hours of gameplay. Tried a complete reinstall, and the same problem persists.

Character reload animation frequently glitches (you can't tell your character is reloading because it wont do the reload animation).

Latency is AWFUL. Ping is ~30, yet my screen seems to be frequently up to 2 full seconds behind the action in the game. I can see somebody at the end of the street pop out, I hurry and duck behind cover, and get insta-killed 5 or 6 steps into cover.

Character will frequently just whip out his defibs or throw ammo/medic packs all of his own accord in the middle of a firefight.

Controls, even when set on Veteran, are NOT EVEN CLOSE to BF3 controls, and piloting vehicles is nothing short of frustrating.

Graphics are BAD. Rendering is poor, and it's difficult to see enemies when things start getting excited.

The field of Maybe a 45 degree field of view, compared with the 180+ degree field of view you have in real life!

I can say without hesitation that this is the single most broken AAA title I've ever played. Two DLCs released, yet the game remains unplayable? This

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This Game is Broken!

posted by Windexstor (ONTARIO, CA) Feb 13, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

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Battlefield 4 is full of glitches, connection issues, frame rate issues, and poor spawns. The only redeeming quality this game has is the vast weapons selection, and customization. I am VERY pleased that I got this game through Gamefly, as if I had purchased this, I would have returned it. Thank you Gamefly for keeping me from making poor decisions.

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posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Nov 6, 2013

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Or possibly made with only next up-and-coming consoles in mind... Battlefield 4 leaves much to desire in graphics and game-control interface. Battlefield 3 had a very clean and refined game functionality from the start; I am not sure why EA would push a game that feels unrefined in numerous instance. With countless bugs and graphic issues you normally dont expect from Battlefield, but there is few refined aspects

Single player campaign is standard and doesn't have much depth to what goes on in the story... You play a Marine who goes by the name or alias "Recker" .
Recker is a part of a squad of tactical Marine covert operations... Set out to engage in hostile and unexplainable terrorist attacks.

Very STANDARD / basic story... They throw you into a series of missions that have significant events to the game world environment... Floods, collasping buildings... You create these events in game and multiplayer. Some of the terrerain is very flat and empty... Geographically compositions that are unplausible... While some parts are very well detailed . Animation of vehicles have been improved... The aircraft don't have that floating appearance as they often seemed to appear as in Battlefield 3.

The multiplayer bugs and glitching are still there. Empting your clip inside someones face and they just trying to see you in the dark and one shot killing you... Always makes you want to just throw the gun at the person, because you think it would do more damage.

The new commander mode is interesting, being a spectater that can interact with the game is how it has evolved though. So far I've had one commander drop a ammo crate on top of me ... Killing me... Rather it was accidental or on purpose is undetermined as the game is new. But dropping supplies, doing air strikes, and making tactical approach is what the commander is for... Or watching over the game telling the other team whats going on.

Could have been better. Some of the driving controls are awful too.

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