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About this game

posted by Richie7872 (PUEBLO, CO) Nov 30, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

I thought the online multiplayer part of this game was weak. It was very slow when it came to controlling my soldier. I felt that this game could use more agility. It was slow and took too many shots to actually kill someone. The actual campaign game was not what I thought it would be. The only good thing about this game was the sound. I'm glad I had the chance to rent this game instead of going out and buying it. I almost bought this game before playing it and I was pleased to give it back.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Could be a 10......

posted by moormanclan (WAKE FOREST, NC) Nov 29, 2013

Member since Jun 2011

I gave this game an 8 but it could be a 10. Why it's not, the game freezes why too many times. These problems exist in the campaign as well. These problems have to be fixed but there have not been any patches since the game came out so you just deal with having to turn off your system every three to four games.

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Best of the Iteration

posted by Kaziem (OKLAHOMA CITY, OK) Nov 27, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

The game is absolutely groundbreaking. The new engine is more efficient, and more effective than the prior iteration. It allows for more fully realized terrain destruction, a smoother shooting experience, and a drastic improvement to team play. You can even destroy a 100ish story skyscraper on a multiplayer map. This also brings in (the ps3 version) a more stringent level of detail system, which leaves most shadows a bit grainy while keeping the framerate steady. This is in my opinion a good thing, as few people stop to admire shadows with a battle boat launching missiles their way.

Character customization receives a small upgrade with more options for weapons and a new method for unlocking them, battlepacks. They are similar to booster packs with random items in them which are purely aesthetic bonuses for the player. Weapon specific packs are earned every 50 kills once the player has completed the "standard" attachments of weapon, as well as on every other level for general ones which have random contents.

The single player game is good, with a wide variety of shooting experiences from close quarters to long range engagments, we well as a couple of vehicles. The story is above average if short. But let's face it it's called Battlefield because of it's multiplayer component.

Shooting is difficult but learnable and requires practice to become good at. Your guns are realistic in that automatic fire misses. A lot. Sniping is also upgraded in this release with the ability to get atop large skyscrapers and towers, as well as the ability to adjust your sighting for distance. Yes, real bullet drop effects are in the game, for all weapons.

Challenging and rewarding this game sets the bar for this iterations shooting options, particularly when dealing with competitive play. All in all a fantastic simulation styled FPS with a few hiccups in the graphical department, likely due to its targeting of next-gen systems. It pushes the PS3 to it's limit and does it we

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