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Campaign Is Glitched

posted by LoneSage (Saint Petersburg, FL) Nov 3, 2013

Member since Apr 2008

I bought this game but I wanted to give people a warning that like most games being released nowadays, Battlefield 4 didn't go through the best Q&A session and there is a major glitch.

The campaign is glitched and will reset your save if you stop playing the game and come back to it later. So it seems you may have to do the campaign in one session or else there is a chance of having your last checkpoint lost and start from the beginning again. I checked online and this is a common glitch most people are having. Wait for a patch.

To release a game with that big of a glitch is quite ridiculous. Also for people who don't care about campaign and just want more multiplayer, there are weapons and dog tags that you can get exclusively by playing campaign. So take that for what it is.

The multiplayer is good although there are no dedicated servers and the aiming seems a little off to me for some reason. Also, the graphics do not look so good for the most part. I know they had to tune it down for consoles but there are way more better looking games out there for consoles.

For right now, this is kinda a unfinished game that desperately needs to get patched. Wait a little bit and this game will be more fun to play. Maybe when Call Of Duty Ghosts sales numbers come out, that will motivate Dice and EA to make a patch for this game.

Battlefield 4 is a fun and exciting multiplayer game but it needed a little more polish and testing before it was released on shelves.

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BF4 real arcade warfare

posted by im_da_boss209 (SANTA CRUZ, CA) Oct 29, 2013

Member since Oct 2013

I have been playing the battlefield series since bf3. All I can say about this game is the multiplayer feels a lot more like an actual warfare battle than bf3. You have jets shooting choppers, choppers shooting tanks and tanks shooting boats all while the infantry unit is trying to capture the objective. The gameplay itself imerses you into such a crazy battle that is always changing that makes you keep coming back for more. This game is only going to get better once the ps4 version comes out with 32 vs 32 and better graphics it will be amazing. I usually don't ever rate games, but for bf4 I had to. For sure a buy! I'll see you on the battlefield!

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