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posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Nov 6, 2013

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Or possibly made with only next up-and-coming consoles in mind... Battlefield 4 leaves much to desire in graphics and game-control interface. Battlefield 3 had a very clean and refined game functionality from the start; I am not sure why EA would push a game that feels unrefined in numerous instance. With countless bugs and graphic issues you normally dont expect from Battlefield, but there is few refined aspects

Single player campaign is standard and doesn't have much depth to what goes on in the story... You play a Marine who goes by the name or alias "Recker" .
Recker is a part of a squad of tactical Marine covert operations... Set out to engage in hostile and unexplainable terrorist attacks.

Very STANDARD / basic story... They throw you into a series of missions that have significant events to the game world environment... Floods, collasping buildings... You create these events in game and multiplayer. Some of the terrerain is very flat and empty... Geographically compositions that are unplausible... While some parts are very well detailed . Animation of vehicles have been improved... The aircraft don't have that floating appearance as they often seemed to appear as in Battlefield 3.

The multiplayer bugs and glitching are still there. Empting your clip inside someones face and they just trying to see you in the dark and one shot killing you... Always makes you want to just throw the gun at the person, because you think it would do more damage.

The new commander mode is interesting, being a spectater that can interact with the game is how it has evolved though. So far I've had one commander drop a ammo crate on top of me ... Killing me... Rather it was accidental or on purpose is undetermined as the game is new. But dropping supplies, doing air strikes, and making tactical approach is what the commander is for... Or watching over the game telling the other team whats going on.

Could have been better. Some of the driving controls are awful too.

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Great game and great disapointment.

posted by Srebnygryf (GALLOWAY, NJ) Dec 10, 2013

Member since May 2007

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

The game is far less what I expected.
Graphics are amazing, game play is captivating.
Campaign story and game play are pleasant.
Multilayer is challenging and fun.

Lets start whit freeze, freeze and its fallowed by more freeze and that is both on campaign and multilayer. I might be able play two or three matches but it will freeze eventually. Camping also was way to short for such intense story, way to short.
I got the PS3 premium BF4 and it hasn't benefited me yet. Sometimes the game tells me I am not a premium member.
Campaign has issues with freeze but also there are problems whit game saving. At one point I lost the save and had to start allover.
Multilayer is just horrible, besides freezing there is more issues. Finding a server to join sometimes is impossible or it tells me that my notwork connection doesn't work. Once I get in 80% times i get put in in last second of the game so it jumps to ending screen.
Meanwhile when I get in to the match if there is no major lag which comes from the EA server the soldier classes tend to be more overpowering the others. Sometimes recon and assault classes do more damage than engineer or support.
From what I heard and read from other players this issue is not only for ps3, all other platforms experience major issues, freeze, lag, losing save, premium issues, sever connection than disconnection.
If it would be possible right now I would give this game -1 for what I paid ( more $100). For such massive great game it surely went down the drain whit this release.
The BF4 is taking way to long to fix the issues, I would like my money back but I doubt they will give me full refund.
At least I got full disappointment.
Rent at your discomfort, don't buy.
Maybe the will fix it soon I am hoping.

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posted by Sychopath (ELIZAVILLE, NY) Nov 8, 2013

Member since Dec 2006

3 out of 7 gamers (43%) found this review helpful

I rented the game, finished the campaign and it's a joke. So short, uneventful, buggy, glitchy mess. The characters and story had good potential but ultimately didn't satisfy in the end because it was a rushed, tacked on experience. They made an attempt at an emotional story but it fell short. Online, no surprises here. If you liked BF3, guess you'll enjoy this yearly edition. Whatever...

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