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bad disc

posted by JoshHamilton (REPUBLIC, MO) Jun 11, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

I love Battlefield 4 and all of the battlefield series. So when I realized that when i got Battlefield 4 in the mail i was really happy. I played the game for a day or two and (since i love Battlefield) took really good care of the disc and always put it back in a paper disc holder i bought for it. after a day of playing it I realized that it had HUGE scratches in it, and since I was taking really good care of it i didn't know why it was like that. then i realized that it came like this. It started rolling through my head that i was really mad and that most of the discs I have gotten from Gamefly were scratched up like this one. so I sent the disc back along with one of the other discs i've gotten that day ( The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion) and i really hope that I get a better disc next time i ask for Battlefield 4.

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GF Rating


Here's what I think

posted by gta5allday1 (WILLINGBORO, NJ) Jun 4, 2014

Member since Nov 2013

Never wrote a review before, but I think this one deserves one. First, I want to tell you the pros of this game.
The Pros: Great graphics, intensive multiplayer gameplay, and it feels like you're actually in war.

The Cons:When ever I get nice and cozy with the game it crashes. Like my Xbox just freezes and I would have to restart my whole system. The story was confusing because every Battlefield game has a totally different story. So my judgment is that DICE just doesn't like us Xbox 360 gamers who doesn't have enough money to buy the next-gen system. Well still I like this game, good rental but also you need to play on 1080p because you won't get a good game if you're playing on a normal type of TV

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by butts119 (LIMA, OH) Jun 4, 2014

Member since Oct 2011

Although the game is fun to play I found this battlefield lacking compared to the others. Good game to rent but lacks replay value

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