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So Close to Great

posted by ClassySOB (ATLANTA, GA) Apr 4, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

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Let me start off with the many good things about this game.
The visuals are great, vibrant and well crafted.
The weapons are numerous, detailed and the ability to earn add-on is always a plus, makes playing for hours rewarding.
The environments are very interactive, yes you can destroy the giant building in Siege of Shanghai but you can also shot the fire extinguisher in the underground objective A. Detail is done right.
Multi-player is fun and there are numerous options for game play.

Now here is the part that makes me absolutely done with this game and DICE forever. And it's only 1 thing but in my opinion it ruins the replay value to the point of no return.

The multiplayer is basically unplayable, at least on XBOX 360. Like I said, when it works its amazing BUT 100% of time it will freeze your entire console. Maybe not on your first round of conquest but after a few rounds, you'll be scoping down an enemy and BEWM, frozen. Which means you have to manually cycle your console. That is correct, it's not just the game that freezes, it's your entire console. I had this game out for 3-4 months, hoping beyond hope that one of the 9 updates they released during that time would fix this issue but sadly no. I must have cycled my XBOX 50-75 times in that period. Its a non-redeeming issue for me, now a days replay value makes a $70 game worth it. But when you get 30 mins in and you're staring at a frozen screen for the 4th time that evening, it's frustrating to say the least. Lastly, the campaign is very short but whatever, I rented for the multiplayer.

This game was so close to great but I simply could not deal with the constant freezing. If you've got an XBOX 360 I would suggest taking a pass on this game and find another FPS.

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this game blows

posted by hempsterdance (WELLS, NY) Mar 31, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Its great when a game is going to come out and it focuses on playing with friends.....only there is no split screen?
Who thought that was a good idea? I sold this game a day after buying it. This game sucks. I'll stick with call of duty and will never buy a battlefield game again

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Could not Play!

posted by N2388 (PHOENIX, AZ) Mar 20, 2014

Member since Jan 2013

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Way to force an up sell and #$&% the consumer on needing an external HDD only. I have 2.5GB internal storage on my 360 slim but that's not good enough ... at least GTA 5 let me use an external USB flash flash drive. EA take notes on what not to do next time!

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