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Intense shooter

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Oct 25, 2011

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This game is awesome... Brilliant story, captivating graphics, trend-setting gameplay. Battlefield is a surreal military shooter that places you inside behind enemy lines at the comfort of your console.
If you like COD you would enjoy this title... It is completely team orientated--though it would be cool if it had deathmatch. Battlefield is known for its strategic, war-scenario shooters with destructible environment. Unlike Call of Duty you wont find or be able to camp in places, because everything can be blown up.

You play as Sgt. Henry Blackburn and a few characters that tie into this story.
On a mission to save fellow soldiers from a group of Iraqi terrorist... Sgt Blackburn and his squad run into a unknown enemy. Attacked on site -- The squad engage into the unknown hostiles to find that they were not only up against Iraqis but the unknown terrorist group known as the PLR.

--You will need to buy it for multiplayer.--

--You will want to buy it for multiplayer.--

The story line is great--it is a espionage story, but if a story aint your thing... You will love the gameplay. The graphics are pristine. You get to fly in a F-15 as the co-piolit and they really show you what the co-pilot does in a fighter jet. You do fly in aircraft online, as well.
I thought the mission you play as a co-pilot was done great. Seeing from that perspective was pretty awesome--I should have been a pilot, but I would need perfect eyesight for all that. -sigh- At least there is video games.

Destructable environment; Vehicles to blow up the environment; Vast multiplayer levels that are GIANT. This game is awesome.

Only problem I had was brightness and contrast adjusting... Turning off super-white and other HDMI settings will help color ratios a LOT.
You might tweak your TV to get a great picture--you should do some adjusting to get that vivid environment. I really wish you could adjust the Red Green Blue ratios in game.

Other than that
Check this game out

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Great game for Battlefield fans

posted by Gaaahhhz (RIVERSIDE, CA) Oct 29, 2011

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Great game for battlefield fans not so much for cod fans. I would recommend this game for anyone that likes fps games and yes there is a 10$ fee if your renting but don't play if you can't pay. Most of the negative reviews are probably from little kids that don't have a job and have a game fly account. Please rate the game according to gameplay not the little extra amount of money you have to shell out to play online that's immature rating a game based on a 10$fee for online that's wack.... Oohhh and cod elite is 50$ if you want the social part of the game and people complain about 10$.....sad

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posted by surrender316 (CAMERON, MO) Oct 29, 2011

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this game is awsome. when i first put this game in my PS3. i was wondering what the heck is going on. The campaign blew my mind. I wont say to much for the people that have not rented it yet. But when u do play it oh man have lots of fun. Just to let everyone know the campaign is very story-driven. and the guns sound SWEET!!!!! My opinion of the online pass is kinda bogus. I would not pay $10 for that unless i know how fun it will be. Also the sound and effects of the game make it all the more fun. reallly like the campaign and story of the game. Just to let everyone know though i have not played multiplayer yet. so not quiet sure how fun it will be. the campaign is very short thought took me only one day to beat it. so if u r looking for a long campaign game this may not be one for u. But if u want to play it over again and again it might be. So to anyone who loves hardcore story-driven gameplay and wicked awsome multiplayer pick up this game and have a blast. PEACE OUT AND HAPPY GAMING!!!!!

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