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Very Good

Good but not great.

posted by James5955 (FALL CITY, WA) Mar 4, 2012

Member since Jul 2009

6 out of 10 gamers (60%) found this review helpful


- There are tons of perks for vehicles that are a blast to use.
- Lots of perks to unlock and use, especially for vehicles... The more time you put into the game the more fun it is.
- Great game for playing with 1-3 friends, now that VOIP is fixed.
- Fairly wide variety of weapons.
- More strategic potential than most other FPS games for console.
- Good gun mechanics such as recoil, accuracy and damage.
- The vehicles are a blast to use, especially the jeep.. slap some C4 on the front, line up with a tank that doesnt see you, jump out and detonate on contact and have lawls.
- Fun enough to keep my attention for about 100 hours, while most games tend to last 20 or so hours.
- Awesome graphics, though at times you might find yourself getting really irritated by being blinded due to craptastic lighting.
- Regional server selection (woot!).


- $10 purchase in order to play online & co-op.
- Terrible match making.
- Some gun imbalances.
- The maps were made with PC in mind and the PC version has 64 player cap. The console however, has the same maps but with a 24 player cap so if you can get it for the PC then do so... it's much better.
- The squads are limited to 4 people (BOO!!!).
- Limited clan support.
- No private matches.

Overall I'd give the game a 8/10. It's one of the better FPS games available. The game might feel a little bit campy but just give it time and learn the maps.

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GF Rating


Dont let any game rating turn you off

posted by Jamis420 (BROOKS, ME) Nov 8, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

6 out of 10 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

If you read the comments that say this game sucks, is only because they didnt play multiplayer. If you want to have the best war experience of your life, buy this game. Renting it doesnt do it justice.

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GF Rating


Battlefield 3

posted by Drybonesjr (BRUNSWICK, GA) Nov 1, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

6 out of 10 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

Although I haven't played campaign, the multi-player aspect of the game is amazing all around. At times it can get a little repetitive but keep shooting! This game provides complete customization to the cammo, class, gun, and vehicle! Yes, vehicle! When it comes to realistic battle features are remarkable to say the least.
Battlefield raises the stakes, challenging players with an all new air combat vehicle, the jet! You can now engage intense air support from your buddies on the ground or shoot down the opposing Ace from the skies. The more kills you earn the more upgrades you get such as flares and more!
Dust, explosions, vehicles, smog, debris, and even the sun will find its way to blocking the perfect shot, but don't fret, it could also save you!
Other than tedious hunting and killing you must do to earn unlocks for your individual favorite guns, I gave this game a perfect 10/10. Happy Shooting!

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