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All in all it was a fun game with minor imperfecti

posted by tdotfromdabronx (BRONX, NY) Nov 6, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

In Battlefield 3 you play the role of Sargent Blackburn telling the story of a marine mission that went horribly wrong. Key parts of the story make up the gameplay as you try to prevent a terrorist attack in New York City, which you are being accused of having something to do with. When the game starts your right in to the action, fighting off a terrorist attack on the New York subways.

This was pretty cool due to the fact that you have to install two big files just to play the gameā€¦ From the moment you start you have to use quick reflexes because at any moment you will be ask to button smash any button that pops up on your screen. The game is fast paced with a great story line that takes you from working with a team to just being a loan solider. There are a lot of weapons to choose from all with different sights and abilities, and the controls are similar to many of the other war games that are out there. The jet simulation was kind of
hard at first but when you get the hang of it, it can be pretty fun. The tank level was okay but I feel like I could have done without it wasn't a big fan.

I love the fact that the game tells you where you should be headed at all times. The realism is amazing from having to put on a gas mask in the nick of time when there is a terrorist gas attack in a building to the sprinklers going of due to explosions going off.

Team work seems to be a problem in this game either your AI Comrades are jumping in front of you while your shooting and you get a big fat message telling you friendly fire will not be tolerated or their missing enemies that are right in front of them. Fighting in the dark can be very difficult when flashlights shine in your face and red lasers are on you the two almost blind you. I did notice some lag at different moments during the game, which kind of annoyed me at times.

All in all it was a fun game with minor imperfections.

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posted by kreyes19 (NEW YORK, NY) Nov 6, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

fun game

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This isn't a shooter, it's a sim

posted by SauleWright (AUSTIN, TX) Nov 5, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

So folks are talking about this vs. MW3. One of the things I enjoy most about the COD/MW franchise is that it's a shooter/arcade style game. That's also part of what makes folks mad, the fact that it takes 3 bullets (or more) before you die. I'm not condoning that part, but the arcade look and feel of that game is the total opposite of this game. BF3 feels like something used to train military. It's chaotic, it's heavy on strategy and team, and unless you're into that kind of thing, I think online may not be real appealing. One of my biggest gripes about online was that you can't carry two "primary" weapons, at least not from what I saw. You always have a pistol as a sidearm and even though it's more effective than the pistols in most games, it's still disheartening that you can't pick between a rifle and a machine gun etc.

The single player campaign is great! I enjoyed the storytelling and gameplay a lot but the real part of shooters that I get into is the online play, and without a squad that is on with you whenever you want to play, this game doesn't have much replay value to me.

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