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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat


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Also on:Xbox, PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Directional Pad Up = Zoom Minimap In. Down = Zoom Minimap Out. Left = Show/Hide Map. Right = Show/Hide Flags.
Left Thumbstick Move
Right Thumbstick Aim. Look. Zoom (Click).
A Button Enter/Exit Vehicle/Stationary Weapon. Use.
B Button Reload
X Button Speak. Hotswap.
Y Button Open/Close Parachute. Pick up Kit.
Left Bumper Up Stance. Jump.
Right Bumper Change Weapon
Left Trigger Down Stance. Dive to Prone (Double-Tap). Jump to Feet.
Right Trigger Fire
Start Pause Menu
Back Player List

Left Thumbstick Drive. Pitch. Rotation.
Right Thumbstick Altitude. Roll. Aim Turret.
B Button Request Trooper to Enter Vehicle
Y Button Change Position
White Button Forward. Reverse.
Black Button Change Camera
Left Trigger Forward. Reverse.