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So pretty, so... little else going for it.

posted by Markus1142 (SOMERVILLE, NJ) Nov 20, 2010

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Aside from the gorgeous visuals, there unfortunately isn't much to this game. It's a fairly uninspired 2-d fighter with 3-d models, with the usual assortment of "Street Fighter" special moves. Quarter circle forward and punch, and so forth.

If you need to chew up some time, and like fighting games, go ahead and try it. It's all been done before, and better. With Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6 and BlazBlue already out there, this one doesn't offer anything better or new.

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Very Good

stupid 360 d-pad

posted by thinkbomb (KAYSVILLE, UT) Jul 5, 2009

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ya know, I could have liked this game ...

amazing characters, decent combat (though a little shallow), and great artwork and animations.

problem is the 360 d-pad sucks tremendously making traditional fighters VERY hard to play. So yeah, I could have gotten into this game to make a better review, but with the d-pad as it is, no dice.

Fighter enthusiasts only need apply.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Its an okay fighting game.

posted by Prophet85 (NEW YORK, NY) Jun 23, 2009

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The game features a few standard modes, such as story, arcade, survival and time attack. Story mode is very long, with lots and lots of text. Some stories are funny while others are very serious to the game's plot. Arcade mode is your average "insert a coin and see where you can go up to" mode. Survival mode is pretty straightforward also, with you fighting an endless supply of enemies.

The cast of characters are quirky and really feels out of place, but hey, its a fantastical story so it doesn't have to be in place. The characters are very well balanced where the heaviest character will be slow and has high hp whilst the fastest character will have above average hp. There is your special attacks for each character and a rage mechanic that strengthens your characters attacks.

The game starts out fine at first. You beat a few characters, and then you get to fight the boss. The boss will then become an uberboss, a boss that you cannot win under normal circumstances. You will be swearing in no time.

All in all, it is worth your rental. Some of the achievements are easy to achieve, where you just have to beat each character's story. Some achievements require you to do a specific action with a character. One achievement you would be proud of, if you don't break your television first,would be defeating the last boss by not using any rage.

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