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Battalion Wars

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Gameplay Controls

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Battalion Wars

Control Stick Move. Drive. Fly. Swim (Limited Time).
Control Pad Raise Camera View
A Button Fire Weapon. Power Up Specialist Weapons (Press and Hold).
B Button Jump. Surface Dive (In Water)
X Button Instruct Selected Units to Follow (If Alread Set to Follow, This Will Instruct Them to Wait).
Y Button Order Units to Advance to Empty Ground/Attack Enemy Unit/Attack Enemy Capture Point
Z Button Transfer Control to Another Unit
L Button Lock On (Hold). Cycle Lock-On Targets (Tap). Strafe (Hold, Use Control Stick to Move).
R Button Crouch. Aim (Hold, Use Control Stick to Aim). Change Altitude (With Control Stick, When Flying).
C Stick Up = Select Individual Unit. Left/Right = Select Unit Type.
Start/Pause Pause Menu. Objectives.
Combo #1 Hold L + B + Direction = Combat Roll