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The little war game from Nintendo

posted by Guardian42 (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Nov 6, 2007

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Battalion Wars is a bit of different area for Nintendo, since it doesn't include one of their easily recognizable characters. Yet, when Nintendo gives it a try, it does it right.
A sequel to Battalion Wars for the GC and based off the Advance Wars series, Battalion Wars 2 is a great strategic war game that combines strategy, action, and a great online experience.

Graphics: Graphics are solid and are quite nicely done. Not as top notch as Metroid Prime 3, but certainly good looking, especially water, light, and other various FX. The style has a cartoonish look, but don't think that means the battles are too.

Controls: The controls work well for this game, allowing a third person control on any one unit and being able to easily choose different units to follow, wait, or attack specific units. Using the wiimote-nunchuck combo feels good, and the aiming feels as good as Metroid 3. Although, when you lock on to an enemy, your shots will as well, so this game is more strategy than war shooter.

Gameplay: Each misson encompasses simple objectives: defend, attack, capture, and a few others to mix it up. It does a good job of starting easy and then racking it up. The game also challenges you to perform better in each misson to gain S ranks. Gain enough and you unlock extras and art packs.

Story: Story is basic. Simply more of the same and a continuing arc from the first game, but no need to worry if you didn't play that one.

Online: Online has three choices: a basic skirmish, assault, and co-op. Friendcodes are still here, but you can play random people as well. Online is fun and gives the game lasting appeal. The only vice here is with the absence of any voice chat. There is a small system to use the 1 and 2 buttons to call for help and respond, but not much else.

So, in the end, Battalion Wars 2 is a good all around game, that sadly might get overlooked by the coming Mario.

Fun, online, and easy to use controls.
Bad voice acting and the basic story.

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Expecting More.........

posted by Shadow12 (FOUNTAIN, CO) Nov 10, 2007

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The graphics were ok and gameply was alright but everything is the same! Cutscenes are the same, guns, gameplay. The only things I found different was the way you can shoot with the wiimote and the new wifi connection was my fav but what about 4 players? I dont see anything wrong with letting 4 players join in a server... Anyway heres the score board. Graphics 8 Story 6.5 Gameplay 8. Overall 7.7

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Best game

posted by FittyG (ORLANDO, FL) Nov 2, 2007

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This game is awsome the story mode is great but whats beter is the online mode. playing against friends and just random people is great. abauilding your own army and playing it against othe rpeople is the best. this game is going to be my favorite untill brawl and galaxy comes out!

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