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Brave, but not Quite Bold Enough

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 10, 2010

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If you’ve seen the cartoon show, then you know what’s going to happen with the game. Even the level layout is set up like an episode of the cartoon show: first, you get a teaser battle, then you get into the main storyline of the level. It ends with a boss battle with the villain.
Batman: The Brave and the Bold is a 2D platformer where you, with one other person (or the AI) team up as the Dark Knight and another character (Robin, Blue Beetle, Hawkman, or Guy Gardner) to battle evildoers in a button mashing game. You can also call in one or two other characters for a one shot blast against all bad guys onscreen - but the other character(s) go away after that one shot blast.
There’s nothing new or special about the level design; you go from point A to point B, beating up everything that comes in your way.
As you do, you collect coins that let you buy or power up some items for Batman or his partner. For example, you can throw more Batarangs, or do more damage with Guy Gardner’s ring attacks.
There are two boss battles for every level, and I find them the best parts of the game because its forces the players to use other tactics than just button mashing.
Getting through all four levels of the game will take about six hours - a little better than I expected - and you can go back to earlier levels to unlock areas you couldn’t the first time around.
But let’s face it - this is mostly a basic button mashing game. Even the new gadgets you get don’t add much to the gameplay, and some are there just to unlock areas so you can get more coins.
This button mashing experience is taken to the extreme with the Bat Mite challenge (unlocked after completing the game). Here, all you to is beat up bad guys for many, many levels.
Batman: the Brave and the Bold is a good beat ‘em up game, but $40 is a bit too much for me to hand over for this game. RENT IT.

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Above Average

Classic and Modern

posted by KGeezy (HENRICO, VA) Mar 2, 2011

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I loved this game for it's throwback side-scroller design. The animation of the game play and banter are spot on from the cartoon. Admittedly, the cutscenes left a little to be desired, but again, classic side-scroller. The game takes good advantage of the Wii setup. The Batarang was reminiscent of LEGO Batman, and worked just as well.
I would have enjoyed it a bit more if you could alternate from character to character during game play and weren't restricted to whoever you select at the beginning. The layout of the game is good, as well, in that you have to revisit levels after you unlock certain tools/toys. This improved replay value and the grading at the end of the levels made it enjoyable in that you wanted to do better the second time around.
If you enjoy the cartoon, you'll more than likely enjoy the game. The levels are set up just like an episode, save for the fact that the hero you fight alongside at the beginning, is the hero that fights alongside you throughout. I strongly encourage any fan to pick it up.

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fun, but way to repetitive...

posted by jjohn2478 (CARLSBAD, CA) Oct 27, 2010

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My wife and I started playing this and got hooked pretty quick. Problem is, the levels are way too long and between each level there is very little (if any) difference.

Bombs pop-up, enemies pop-up, punch, smash, move on. Even the bosses are the same and have no imagination to them.

I'd rent it to try it out, but it's not worth more than a couple of days at the most and definitely not worth paying money to buy.

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