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Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu


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Also on:PS2, Xbox, GC
GF Rating

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Gameplay Controls

Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu

Control Pad Left/Right = Move/dash (double tap), Down = Crouch/block/look down (double tap), Up = Pull up/enter door/look up (double tap)
A Button Jump/long jump (double tap)/glide (double tap and hold)/get up/struggle (multiple taps)
B Button Punch/kick (with control pad up)/crouch kick (with control pad down)/grab object or enemy/throw object or enemy/break object/activate lever
L Button Toggle gadget
R Button Use Batarang/use Bat Grapple/use Flash Pellets
Start/Pause Pause
Combo #1 B, B, B = Punch combo
Combo #2 Up + B, B, B = Kick combo