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It doesn't suck? Holy gameplay Batman!

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Oct 15, 2006

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While Marvel has experienced more recent success bringing their superheroes to the digital playing field (X-Men Legends, Ultimate Spiderman, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction), DC has had little success with video games (insert bad Superman, Aquaman, Batman game here). But they break a losing streak with Batman Begins by taking the series in a more stealthy direction. In fact, having the Dark Knight represented through a stealth action game makes perfect sense. Many comparisons can be made to SplinterCell, although there are many differences. Batman is a brawler, not a sniper, so you get into quite a few fights, which are fluid and cohesive. Rattling your enemies with falling crates, exploding barrels or collapsing floors will increase their fear, thus making it easier to take out your opponents. The cast from the movie do all the voice-over work and it's plain to see the movie license makes this game look and sound better than previous Batman games. A few negatives: the camera can feel erratic, staying focused on specific items can be tricky and there is from visual tearing. And while you get some new costumes for completing the game, you can't select specific missions, only start a new game. That's being picky, but it's worth noting. Overall, this is the Batman game to get. It will make up for the all the other ones.

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Dark Knight Cell?

posted by exmark88 (Fort Meade, FL) Jun 6, 2006

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For a game based on a movie, and one on a superhero at that, Batman Begins is better than most. It could have some improvements, such as freedom to use your weapons/utility belt devices at other than pre-scripted events, but it's not bad. For Batman fans, like me, it suffices, but it's no splinter cell, which it seems to try to imitate-except the fighting. The fighting is simplistic, but adequate, and is usually broken up enough by stealth elements to avoid being tedious. If you like the Dark Knight, play it.

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Great game

posted by swflboys (SAINT PETERSBURG, FL) Aug 15, 2006

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What a fun game! It wasn't so difficult to manage that it stressed me out and the graphics were incredible. I liked that it wasn't just fighting and killing. The idea of scaring your enemy made me look at the game in an entirely different way. Definitely check this out if you enjoy an adventure game with a puzzle atmosphere.

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