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Batman Begins

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Also on:PS2, Xbox, PSP Movies, GBA
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335 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Batman Begins

Control Stick Highlight Menu Items/Cycle Choices
Control Pad Highlight Menu Items/Cycle Choices
A Button Select/Next Screen
B Button Cancel/Previous Screen

Control Stick Move. Pipe/Wire Crawl.
Control Pad Up/Down = Gadget Select. Left/Right = Select Interactive Objects or Targets.
A Button Jump. Double Jump (Double-Tap). Cape Glide. Grab Pipe/Chain/Fence.
B Button Punch. Counter (With R Button). Drop From Climbable Object. Use Optic Cable (At Closed Door). Interrogate Enemy.
X Button Context-Sensitive Action. Special Attack (When On-Screen Icon Appears). Grapple (Highlight Spot and Press X). Grab Enemy to Interrogate (When Icon Appears).
Y Button Kick
Z Button Use Batarang/Equipped Gadget
L Button Re-Center Camera
R Button Block (Hold). Roll (Hold With Direction).
C Stick Camera Control
Start/Pause Pause Menu

Control Stick Steering
A Button Accelerate
B Button Brake. Reverse.
X Button Rear View
Y Button Jump
Z Button Camera
L Button Weapons (When Available)
R Button Boost
Start/Pause Pause