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Clone Of City? Just Not As Good

posted by classicmints (MAYFIELD, PA) Nov 1, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

Why does Arkham Origins feel like EXACTLY the same game as Arkham City? Probably because for the most part it is. Which, is NOT altogether a bad thing. Arkham City was a great game and a great sequel. It took a concept that worked fantastically in Arkham Asylum, tightened it up, refined it, added some new gear and gave fans a fairly large map. Arkham City was the kind of sequel every game developer wants to make; easily recognizable but different.
Arkham Origins gives us, for lack of a better word, that same experience. Like I said, its not a huge problem but most fans I think would have wanted a bit more and like me, felt a tad let down. I, for one, wanted a longer campaign. Maybe it was longer? It felt short though. Like 12-15 hours short. That's not a lot of time when you do everything (that you CANdo) on your first playthrough.
So, you're the Caped Crusader, you stomp fools and you need to keep the peace. That's the best part. You get to actually BE Batman and kick the snot out of criminals with gadgets and batclaw your way to happiness. The combat is tight, its unmerciful and its a lot of fun. Punch, counter, evade, punch, punch, counter takedown has never been more of a joy in an action game. I'm not much a stealth gamer but the stealth maps and encounters are fantastic and you'll find yourself restarting when you're seen just to up your score.
Landscapes are PRETTY solid. When they're there that is. I noticed after certain missions or events certain buildings and grounds would dilute in texture and become impossible to land on. For instance when I destroyed the last of Enigma's towers his entire hideout was there, in low texture and every time I approached, from air or ground, I would fall through to an endless abyss.
Final problem is this, why make your fans restart the whole game to finish 100%? You lock areas with Datapacks after the main story is completed? Wheres the replay value in a game that doesn't let your decisions change the ending?

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by eviltweeker (CHULA VISTA, CA) Oct 28, 2013

Member since Oct 2013

This game in my opinion lives up to the other previous batman games. The graphics and gameplay are the same as AC except that the way batman fights in the game feels more aggressive. The story is great and has some twist to it and the map is pretty big and you can use the batwing for fast travel around the city. The boss fights were a real challenge which made them fun. I've seen a couple other reviews of people complaining about the game freezing a lot or black screen, but that never happened to me when i played, so either there just trolling or it only happens to some people. All in all, WB montreal did a great job and if you like the previous batman games, then you'll love this one. Just don't expect it to have a completely different feeling then arkham city... i give the game an 8 out of 10

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GF Rating


Fun, If you can finish it.

posted by Chunkylite (ORLANDO, FL) Oct 27, 2013

Member since Oct 2013

I have always loved the first two Arkham games and this one is no different then what you would expect. Has just about everything thing from the first two short of Mark Hamill voicing the Joker. As far as game play and graphics go it is almost the completely same thing as AC. So if you are expecting a whole new Batman game you won't find it here and cause of this you will find your self getting bored of this game pretty quickly if you played the previous titles in the series and the subpar multiplayer doesn't breath any new life into the game either. Unfortunate as well is the games technical problems can make the game nearly unplayable at times. With the game not loading, constant freezing, and black screens when loading a area or just the game in general. I was able to beat the game. But not after having to reset it over a dozen plus times in the process even after installing it to my harddrive. Which also effected the replay value. I was just so relived to beat the last part of the game without it freezing or going black screen. That I didn't want to play new game plus just to go through all those problems once again.
As a final OPINION, I give this game a 7/10. Nice game, with a nice story. But the games repetitive game play and boring static boss fights. As well as it's constant freezing and black screens and it feeling like a copy paste of Arkham City. Prevents me from giving it a higher score. If they fix these problems I would then give it a 8. I would rent it if you only LIKE the first two game. But only suggest buying it if you are a truly love the Arkham games. But would wait for when/if the bugs are fixed.

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