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Really Bad

Super Hard

posted by oii (MOUNT AIRY, NC) Feb 20, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

I played for like a hour and didnt get very far. But it had great graphics.

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GF Rating


Do you like chasing stuff & annoying boss battles?

posted by jasev01 (STROUDSBURG, PA) Feb 5, 2014

Member since Apr 2011

I am drawn to games like this because I love comics and games and the combo no matter how "bad" its like whatever I'm down. That is why this gets a 4 and not lower. Read any review and you will hear complaints about the just simplify annoying boss fights like with Slade. Yes you read the comics he is a BA but we are talking about a few hours into a game, a game that is supposed to be fun not some unbeatable comic epic battle. Here is the worse part, we aren't talking about a epic battle that you can beat in anyway that you see fit, we are talking about a preset one way only method that is annoying and tedious. Now repeat in different annoying way you need to figure for every other "boss" fight. Not just the boss fights but also for the riddler riddles of which there are over 100 "hidden" not really around the map some of which you can't get when you find them because you need item X. Right. Then when you have the full arsenal you still need to perform tedious "puzzles" which aren't puzzles but twitch hand things to get the thing. Here is the kicker. you get all 100+ and 50 GP or 70? No 10. yes your hours of work nets you 10GP. not 10GP and more story or anything just 10 GP. But that is this game you beat the game etc etc you can expect less than 400GP let me be exact 250 (17/52) in my case and that counts some "extras". I've never seen such stingy achievements. The missing ones? things like that annoying boss battle well do it perfectly without getting cheapshoted( it will happen) we will toss you 10 more. Same with another boss battle for 10. So where is the rest? Mulitplayer and play the same campaign that just annoyed the s- out of you 2 more times in game+ and extra extra hard mode as if normal /hard was not bad enough and a waste of your life. Its so bad that you forget the story mostly which is the only redeeming thing being able to play through batman's 1st year/origins. I wish I had more thumbs so I can give this 4 thumbs down. Sorry not cool

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GF Rating

Above Average

batman arkham origins

posted by earldeath666 (EL PASO, TX) Feb 2, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

loved the game graphics were sweet but once your done with the game gets kinda boring not much else to do. sending back shortly

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