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posted by garaicoa21 May 20, 2014

I enjoyed the last two , unfortunately this is just a poor sequel of the last one.

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Awful, I'm sorry!

posted by SRayBurke (SURPRISE, AZ) May 10, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

I played ten minutes of it and am sending it back promptly. Within these ten minutes I realized I hated this game. The environment is not interactive or open, what you're supposed to do for each scene is completely obvious, it takes no mastery to figure out what to do, and the fights were monotonous and easy.

If you'd like to discuss, or argue this with me go to and let me know what you think as well.

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Could have been worthy

posted by NoUse4aName (SLATINGTON, PA) May 7, 2014

Member since May 2014

This game could have been a worthy installment in the arkham series, but there are a few issues with it, the one issue with the game that makes it fall short... Enemies can smack you upside the head while you are in the middle of a combat animation. In the previous games, once you started an animation on an enemy, the other enemies would not be able to attack until you were finished. It made the combat fluid and it is what made the combat so good. The new gadgets and upgrade system was great, the story was good, although I had thought I would be facing more main characters than are actually in the game, and the fast travel via the batwing was a good addition. Some of the issues are small glitches, for example, you beat up a group of enemies and the guy you need to interrogate is talking but you can't activate him, so you need to leave the area, engage a different group of enemies and then you have to come back and have to do the fight again and finally you can interrogate the guy you need. I also had an instance where I was fighting deadshot and I hit him so hard he glitches out of the level entirely, so after I took down all his goons, he wasn't there for me to finish him. So once again I had to leave and come back and do the entire thing all over again. The other issue I encountered was grappling, half the things you want to rappel to require you to be standing in exactly the right area so you end up spinning around in circles trying to find the sweet spot. It still is a good game and a good rental, and there is multiplayer, but I didn't partake in that. The game has been out for awhile so the glitches in the game are inexcusable, and there were 2 times I loaded up to game and the WBID thing said busy and then never loaded the main menu, forcing me to quit out of the game and start it up again. So glad the next game is going back to rocksteady, cause the first 2 games are amazing and worthy of purchase. This one could have been so much better than it was.

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