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Very Good

Good with some flaws

posted by theSYGNIFIKANT (NEW STRAITSVILLE, OH) Jun 22, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

The story was great. I have read various reviews complaining of a 'lifeless' city. The other two games weren't full of life. This one especially makes sense given that it is Christmas Eve... a night in which the cities/towns are often fairly bland.

My biggest complaint is in the game controls. The R1 to grapple is sooooooo picky about when it wants to work. And I had a ton of trouble with ground takedowns not working properly. I thought it was me or my controller so I blew the dust off of Arkham City & Asylum both and it is strictly an Origins problem.

I did find it kind of annoying in a way that there seems to be a LOT more bad guys just roaming the streets and rooftops. Makes sense in a way since Batman hasn't been saving the city for too long but it is still annoying to be going through a mission and have rooftop after rooftop full of guys to beat. It especially annoying if you go to complete the Anarky missions which are under a time limit.

Otherwise, I enjoyed the game and the story. Just wish the controls would have been more on par with the first two games.

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GF Rating


A decent formula

posted by Arshus (GREENWOOD, IN) Jun 14, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

If you played the previous titles this one should not come as a surprise. However, just cause its predecessors play the same doesnt take away from how good this title is.
Continuing forward. I dont know of a game that comes across as good as Batman has.
The fighting is simplistic but fun. Gadgets are in abundance and the usage of them is consistent. Cut-scenes are beautiful and voice casting is solid. The continuing saga of the Bat is spot on in Origins.
Fans of the series will be right at home with Origins. If you've never played any I recommend starting from the beginning with Asylum before moving forward with Origins or even Arkham City. Each title has a certain flair and something done better than the other. Asylum made Joker super awesome. Killer Croc fight was memorable. City made open world fun and took away from the linear path in Asylum. Origins kind of blends the best of both worlds. Keeping it linear with the flair of open world fun and extras.
All in all this is the same formula as the others. Rent it, enjoy it, make your choice, mine, buy it and add to your library some good solid Batman stuff. Thanks for your time. Game on!

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GF Rating


Lots Of Bugs

posted by jrolson (HURLEY, SD) Jun 7, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

Story is good enough but all the game breaking bugs will drive you crazy.

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