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I'm Batman

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Oct 25, 2011

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Rocksteady Studios more than delivered on the sequel to an already amazing franchis. This is the best Batman game ever created, and it was one of the most amazing single player gaming experiences I've had in a long time.

Nowadays, everything revolves around competitive online gaming it seems. Arkham City is an unbelievably refreshing single-player campaign in an industry dominated by online play. I found myself totally immersed in this game and put in over 40 hours by the time I was done. I'm Batman.

Batman has serious upgrades this time, boasting like 10 different awesome gadgets. These obviously play major roles in Batman's gameplay, along with his flawless hand-to-hand combat. These are all leveled up through progress, but there is not much branching out or customizing, however that didn't seem to bother me. The gameplay is almost flawless, and you can mix both melee and gadget fighting combos to create huge powerful streaks, unlocking finishing moves and other devastating attacks.

One of the best additions for me was the awesome open-world Arkham City you can explore. Batman can practically fly anywhere in the city using his cape and grapple hook, which can fling you in the air to keep you floating forever. It's so much fun to navigate like that, and you can pick off guys 100 ft in the air using special aerial attacks. Press a button and Batman can soar down like an Eagle to pounce on your enemy, allowing for a quick kill. I'm Batman.

On top of that, the story was actually great too. Blending the Penguin, Riddler, Joker, Dr. Strange and more all in the same game actually worked really well. It helped compliment the amazing detail in Arkham City, along with the 700+ collectibles, side quests, missions, modes, and more it has to offer. Even when you beat the game, you can start over with your current gadgets and level to cause some serious damage. This game is a great rental, but I would not recommend a purchase here.

Milt Drucker

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Great Game!

posted by tradingsouls (SHINGLEHOUSE, PA) Dec 7, 2011

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Never one for comic books or a great passion for the superhero genre I was hesitant to try this game. I'm glad I took the chance. The story line is apparent but a bit hard to follow. The cut and cinematic scenes are decent, brief, and keep the game rolling. You'll find that almost every main character you encounter, you'll end up fighting, and there is basically one primary offense you'll end up using to bring them down.

A few times during the game, I found I wasn't sure which way to proceed and "Detective Mode" was of no help. However, this was very few and far between.

Before encountering a boss, you'll encounter the same scenario over and over again. You'll need to traverse a level, dispatch guards along the way, and until you reach the "boss's lair." Once there you'll repetitiously use the gargoyle perches to dispatch the main guard units before squaring off with the boss.

There are a ton of side missions which I did not do other than collecting Riddler's trophys that I had encountered along the way. I want to say that the side missions were a bit overkill but then again, straying from the main campaign, and I tire easily.

Controls were a bit quirky but very manageable. You'll use every aspect of your controller.

The main campaign is fairly short. I think it took me approx. 5 hours to complete the game. Last of the bad...there is a ton of stuff going on. It may be my preference but I like a game to keep rolling and it's entirely to easy to get side tracked from your main objectives.

Now forget everything I just said! This game is awesome!! Character innovation, movement, and overall game-play is the key to this games success. It's an absolute blast to play. Batman's gadgets are extensive, unique, and innovative. If you like 1st person, action-type games...don't pass this one up. If, within the first ten minutes of play, you're still unsure... get accustomed and keep playing. You'll love this game!

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Very Good


posted by frisco (RALEIGH, NC) Oct 23, 2011

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I see a lot of people going overboard with rating this game and felt inclined to give a review. Arkham City is a solid game. The combat is great and throwing in different types of enemies that force you to use a wide variety of techniques keeps it interesting throughout. This Batman has an open format with plenty of side missions to distract you from the main story, and this is a good thing because the story mode is VERY short. I beat the game on hard in just over 4 hours. The boss battles in it were pretty weak and different worse than Arkham Asylum ones. On top of all of this the ending (won't spoil it) was terrible. At a certain point you really get tired of Batmans resistance to ever taking a life as well. He will watch a bad guy kill/destroy anything they can and beat them to a bloody pulp only to let them go for reasons unknown. Batman is the toughest sissy i have ever played in a video game.
With all this being said the combo of gliding, diving down, and using your grapnel/grapnel boost was carried out beautifully in this game. You could maneuver throughout the city very fluently and it was quite fun. So to sum it all up

-Gliding and grapnel gun in open city was awesome
- The combat improvement
- Voice acting
- Graphics were great
- No glitches at all, played smoothly throughout

- The games main story mode was VERY short
- Weak plot development in story w/ a terrible ending
- Boss battles were hardly memorable compared to previous game
- Game was really easy, even on hard

Great game to rent and beat but would be upset if i spent $60 on it. It is a solid game but not deserving of the 10's most ppl rate it.

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