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Very pleased with this sequel.

posted by HippieKid (EAST DUBLIN, GA) Oct 22, 2011

Member since Jun 2010

Everything was perfect. The End.

I don't ever give this rating out except to games that actually deserve it.

The graphics were amazing, the gameplay was awesome, the movement, even though sometimes frustrating when trying to get insanely positioned riddlers trophies, was good.

I kind of wish the game would have been longer though. I beat it in 2 days.

I would like to also point that this game, like many, contained much Illuminati symbolism.

If another batman game comes out, It couldn't hurt for them to use another engine.

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WOW!!! Simply amazing!!!!

posted by babyboy69 (HYATTSVILLE, MD) Oct 22, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

This was a very much anticipated game, and it does not dissappoint!! The fighting mechanics are awesome(as before) the huge open world makes for hours of game play, and the story keeps you drawn into the game. Catwoman looks VERY good and the graphics are incredible. Even if you've never played the first (Arkham Asylum) or you're not a Batman will LOVE this game! It's a definite BUY!

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Batman Arkham City (Xbox 360)

posted by Sk0urge (SAN BERNARDINO, CA) Oct 22, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

Have you heard the phrase that goes something like, "Easy to learn, tough to master"? If that phrase applies anywhere it is in Batman:Arkham City.
First, lets discuss the control scheme, a make or break issue for most games. In this case, its freakin' awesome. Even the advanced moves require only 2 or 3 button step sequences to pull off. I found myself in a situation thinking, "I'm gonna jump off this ledge, cape drift, then dive bomb through that wall into the armed thug, then jump and pound him before he knows I'm there", and then pulling it off as planned with ease. The controls are so easy that my girlfriend (a casual gamer) picked up the basics on her own without a complaint....Rare occurence, trust me.
Next, the game design, balance, and scope. At this point I haven't completed the game %100. But my impression so far is that in amount of playable material this game is massive, not only compared to its predicessor Arkham Asylum, but compared to most other games out there. Looking over the city from a high perch you can spot tons of Riddler challenges and as you get deeper into the game the subplots weave themselves into your experience in a subtle natural way. The game pacing in the opening segments is a little slow and left me feeling a little lost to start, but, starting off pursuing the first major story missions quickly got me into a comfort zone with respects to navigation as well as main and sub stories. Also, in the start any thug w/ a gun has the potential to be the man who kills Batman, but you ramp up at a good pace.
Unless the end of this game is one of the greatest failures in gaming history, I would agree that Batman:Arkham City is the top contender for best superhero game ever. Honestly, it is one of the top action/adventure games out there. It brings a similar joy that I've got from playing the Assassins Creed games but with Batman. I've heard of some people having DLC problems but I experienced none w/ a purchased cop

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